MBA + M.A. Strategic Communication

Master the art of strategic communication while honing your business acumen.

Gain insights into public relations, communication and digital media while benefiting from a blend of business tools and analytical knowledge with the MBA + M.A. in strategic communication dual degree.

This dual degree equips graduates with the ability to navigate complex business challenges while effectively communicating with stakeholders. Combining the quantitative rigor of the MBA with a nuanced understanding of communication strategy from the M.A., graduates emerge ready to excel in roles spanning corporate communications, marketing strategy, consulting or entrepreneurship.

Program Requirements

The dual degree program reduces your required credits to 62 by counting courses from the M.A. in strategic communication toward the MBA. To take advantage of this credit savings, you must be admitted to the dual degree program before completing either the strategic communication or MBA program.

MBA Courses (32 credits)
ACCT 600 – Financial Reporting and Analysis
BUAD 620 – Fundamentals of Analytics
BUAD 631 – Operations Management and Management Science
BUAD 640 – Ethical Issues in Domestic and Global Business Environments
BUAD 670 – Managing People, Teams and Organizations
BUAD 680 – Marketing Management
BUAD 690 – Corporate Strategy
ECON 603 – Economic Analysis for Business Policy
FINC 650 – Financial Management

Choose one 3-credit elective with an international perspective. Choices include, but are not limited to:
BUAD 641 – Managing the Global Enterprise
BUAD 678 – Leading Across Boundaries
BUAD 682 – International Marketing
FINC 615 – International Finance

Professional development seminars:
BUEC 601 – Building Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking (1 credit)
BUEC 603 – Communicating, Branding and Career Networking (1 credit)

M.A. in Strategic Communication Courses (30 credits)
For the most up-to-date list of required courses of the M.A in strategic communication, please visit the online strategic communication master’s degree page.


For more information contact either the Department of Communication at or the MBA program at Either would be happy to provide information concerning admissions, requirements and opportunities of the dual-degree program.

Admissions Information

Applicants can apply directly for the dual degree program or, if currently enrolled in either the M.A. or MBA program, only need to apply to the other. Please note that applicants must meet the admission requirements of both the MBA and the M.A. in strategic communication.