Accounting Students Association

Francesca Capucciati smiles at the camera on a fall day.

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have almost 30 unique student groups that they can choose to join. In each installment of this series, an executive member of one of these student groups will share their first-hand experience choosing, participating in and eventually leading their group.

Francesca Capucciati, Class of 2020 accounting major, is the president of the Accounting Students Association (ASA) at the Lerner College. Capucciati shared why she joined the ASA, what makes this group unique and more!


When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Capucciati: I chose to join this group to meet people in the same major as myself, as well as grow my career by learning about the accounting field as a whole as well as networking skills, resume building and so much more.


What is the mission of your student group?

Capucciati: The mission of ASA is to act as a liaison between students, faculty and real-world organizations, as well as providing a forum for students of similar interests to learn more about the business professions.


What is your best memory from this student group?

Capucciati: My best memory was the first time I went to a meeting and listening to a panel from KPMG speak. I realized that KPMG was the place I wanted to work and that I was excited for my career in accounting. Now I’ve come full circle and I will be working for KPMG after graduation.


What is unique about your student group?

Capucciati: I think that ASA really focuses on developing your career specifically in the accounting field and opens up opportunities you do not get in a classroom setting which makes it unique to other student groups.


What has been your proudest moment leading your student group?

Capucciati: My proudest moments have been seeing all the people who have shown up to events we have hosted and watching them network and make the connections necessary for their careers.


What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Capucciati: My goals for the future are to continue to grow and have more unique events for students to attend.


How has your student group helped you grow?

Capucciati: I have definitely grown as a leader in general and have learned how to be organized, how to create different events with companies and speak in front of large groups of people which is something you probably wouldn’t have found me doing freshman year.


ASA has approximately 100 members and meets multiple times throughout the semester. 

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