Become a Better Leader with the Lerner MBA


In this video, University of Delaware MBA alumni share how the UD Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics MBA program jumpstarted their careers. Gervan Williams, Lisa Weaver, Alex Brooks and Bhoomi Gada discuss how the Lerner MBA helped them make connections from what was learned in the classroom and apply it on the job to grow as leaders and discover their passions. Learn more about our UD Lerner MBA.


Gervan Williams: The University of Delaware MBA program was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
Here I wanted to be sort of a better leader and not just a manager, but to grow in my field.

Lisa Weaver: The MBA program really challenged me both personally and professionally.

Alex Brooks: The Lerner MBA helped me to jumpstart my career by just helping me to see other avenues and other opportunities.

Bhoomi Gada: I went to my MBA right after my undergrad and really it was about getting that industry experience.

Weaver: We had projects. We had objectives. But then we had to work together as a team to say, how are we going to deliver those results? I gained a lot out of it to really learn how to do that in real life.

Brooks: With Lerner being as open being as supportive and nurturing you can really go and find your niche.

Weaver: The MBA program gives you an opportunity to meet others who you may not get an opportunity to meet you know, in your day to day career.

Gada: Something which was really amazing at Lerner was the mentorship program where we could connect with someone from the industry who’s been working in the industry for many years and connect with their connections.

Brooks: I think that Lerner is a great fit for everyone because they just allow you to be yourself and help you make those connections between what you’re learning in the classroom and what you’re going to be taking away with you in industry when you do graduate. And I think that’s incredibly valuable.

Williams: There’s a lot of MBA out there but there aren’t a lot of leaders with MBAs out there. Here I learned how to be a leader and when I left I was already a leader.

Gada: Lerner is the place to be.

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