Blue Hen Investment Club

Jesse Alba smiles at the camera with a fall setting behind him.

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have almost 30 unique student groups that they can choose to join. In each installment of this series, an executive member of one of these student groups will share their first-hand experience choosing, participating in and eventually leading their group. 

Jesse Alba, Class of 2020 finance major, is the president of the Blue Hen Investment Club (BHIC) at the Lerner College. Alba shared why he joined the BHIC, what makes this group unique and more!


When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Alba: I joined in the spring of 2017. I chose to join because I was very interested in finance throughout high school and saw BHIC as a great way to further explore my passion.


What is the mission of your student group?

Alba: To provide students with hands-on experience in the investment management industry and to teach the fundamentals of equity research, accounting and valuation. Furthermore, we strive to enhance every member’s public speaking, teamwork, critical thinking and analytical skills. We also educate members on career paths within finance through guest speakers and our extensive alumni network.


What is your best memory from this student group?

Alba: Long nights spent studying and researching in the Geltzeiler Trading Center.


What is unique about your student group?

Alba: We are, in my opinion, one of the very few clubs that can claim to provide students with hands-on professional experience. The club manages $2.5 million of UD’s endowment.


What has been your proudest moment leading your student group?

Alba: Seeing the progression and maturity amongst younger members as well as watching them attain internships.


What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Alba: To build upon the hard work that has already been put in since the club’s inception and provide members with more networking and employment opportunities. Furthermore, we are always looking to improve our processes within the club to mimic those of professional asset managers.


How has your student group helped you grow?

Alba: From teaching me the technical skills that are required within the industry, to allow me to become comfortable presenting to a room of 50+ individuals, to introducing me to alumni that have helped me land internships and full-time positions, BHIC has given me far more than I could ever hope to give back.


The Blue Hen Investment Club has 50 members and meets every Thursday at 5:00pm at the Geltzeiler Trading Center.

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