Carl Stewart: Blue Hen Move-In Day

Carl Stewart stands in front of his loaded car ready to move in to UD.

Moving into your first dorm room can be both an exciting and somewhat intimidating introduction to college life. On Saturday, August 24, Carl Stewart from Cranbury, New Jersey joined over 750 incoming students to the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics moving into their new home at the University of Delaware. He documented his entire day from packing up his car in the morning through saying goodbye to his parents and heading out to his first night of activities. Stewart, a sport management major at the Lerner College, shows you what it’s like moving in at UD from the incoming student’s perspective.


Carl: Hey! What’s up guys? Well, as you can see, the day’s finally here. It’s time for me to move in. I’m gonna be an incoming freshman at the Lerner College of Business. And let me introduce myself: My name’s Carl Stewart, I’m from Cranberry, New Jersey and I’m gonna be a sport management major. And, as you can see, I’m ready for academic success.


Okay, now I know that I showed Nerf guns, Rock Band and boogie boards, but do not bring that on move-in day. On move-in day, you just wanna bring your textbooks, things you need for your bed, anything that you need for your dorm. What I did was I made a checklist, and I made sure that I brought all the things that were good for me. 


Well, now the hard part is done. I’m all packed up, and I’m ready to go to UD.


Resident Assistant: Welcome to Harrington! This is gonna be your key. It’s gonna get you into your mailbox and your room.


Carl: Okay, now we’re here: Caesar Rodney. Time for a good lunch!


It’s the hardest part of move-in day: saying goodbye to Mom and Dad.


Carl’s Mom: We’re very proud of you, and we know that you’re gonna have the world open for you here.


Carl’s Dad: We love you, Carl. It’s gonna be the most wonderful time of your life, the saddest and happiest day of our lives. We love you.


Carl: Make sure you don’t cry on move-in day.


This is the roommate, Tyler. We’ll give you a quick tour of the room. Over here is my little section. It’s a little messy right now, but that’s OK. Got food up there. Lots of food. Then we got some pictures over here. 


Tyler: Me being a cutie.


Carl: Oh, wait a second! There I am. 


Tyler: There he is. Spotted! That’s my dog.


Carl: Look at his dog! Cute. OK, then we’re gonna go over here. This is my messy bed over here, but that’s OK. And Tyler’s bed, and that’s it!


Hey guys, so we just finished all of our things for today, like we had our floor meeting, we had our building meeting. And everything went really well. And after the longest move-in day ever, I am just exhausted, but I’m so excited to start, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds at UD. Thanks guys!


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