Lerner Graduate Student Stories: Austin Amery

Austin Amery lives in Newark, Delaware and works as a manufacturing leader at W.L. Gore, in addition to being an MBA candidate studying business analytics at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics. Amery, who plans to graduate in 2021, shared his experience choosing the Lerner MBA program and how it has impacted him both personally and professionally.

Q: Why did you go back to school to pursue your graduate degree? Why did you choose the Lerner College for your studies?

Amery: I recently moved into an operations-focused position at W.L. Gore and wanted to strengthen my knowledge in a business setting. The hybrid format of the in-person and online curriculum makes the MBA program at UD much more manageable with a job that can be demanding at times! 

Q: What did you learn through this opportunity that you wouldn’t have learned anywhere else?

Amery: I recently completed BUAD 874, Leadership from Within, a weeklong course with Wendy Smith. Wendy challenged us day in and day out to step out of our comfort zone, helped us all become better and strengthened our ability to identify a vision and implement it, regardless of the time constraints. 

Q: What is an example of a course or concept that you were able to apply directly to your life and/or career?

Amery: I recently took a course on data visualization with Adam Fleischhacker and learned how to hone my data communications much further. I am now much more effective in the way I communicate metrics to leaders above or to members of the team I lead! 

Q: Can you describe an important connection you have made through your graduate program?

Amery: Jill Panté and Sarah Andrus in the Lerner College Career Services Center have been excellent resources for me as I evaluate different career paths that the MBA will open up for me. 

Q: If you were to describe your classmates in one word, what would that be and why?

Amery: Easygoing! I have had some amazing group projects already in my 19 credits of study. 

Q: How do you balance your career with your studies?

Amery: Prioritize what schoolwork needs to get done at the beginning of the week, schedule it into my Outlook calendar and follow through on my plan! Hope for minimal interruptions along the way or build in some recovery time at the end! 

Q: Fill in this sentence: “My graduate program helped me become…”

Amery: a much more well-rounded teammate. It has increased my self awareness and ability to influence, as well as strengthened my ability to communicate technically. 

Q: What was the most impactful hands-on project or case competition that you were able to participate in?

Amery: BUSD 874, Leadership from Within, with Wendy Smith. Implementing a website to track cell phone usage and help peers minimize their usage.

Q: What are your plans or next steps for the future?

Amery: One to two years: Continue to apply my current learnings at W.L. Gore. 

Three to four years: Consider what other amazing careers have opened up for me with my MBA experience! 

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