Lerner Undergraduate Business Majors, Explained

The Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics offers 16 in-demand undergraduate majors, seven of which are among the 25 most popular majors at UD. In this video, students share brief overviews of each of the 16 majors in the Lerner College. Hands-on opportunities and innovative programs prepare our students for a rewarding career in the ever-changing global marketplace and all of our programs feature the excellent instruction and personal involvement of our award-winning, published and tenured faculty.

Learn more about our unique majors here: https://lerner.udel.edu/programs/undergraduate-programs/majors/


Student describing Operations Management: Lerner’s operations management major will teach you all the day-to-day logistics, how to make sure everything’s profitable, how to make sure everything’s working together.

Student describing Economics: Develop critical thinking skills to analyze decision-making and interactions ranging from person-to-person to between entire countries.

Student describing Accounting: It gives you the keys to help run a successful business by giving you the skill set to create, analyze and communicate.

Student describing Finance: You’ll be able to learn how to understand a financial model, you’ll be able to learn how to read financial statements, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statement. Know how to model a company to really see and understand what goes into making a company.

Student describing Entrepreneurship: All about turning your passion into energy and really learning how to adapt and thrive amidst rapid change.

Student describing Financial Planning and Wealth Management: About learning how to construct cohesive financial strategies through both hands-on and classroom experience working with complex topics.

Student describing International Business Studies: Management and operation of a business that operates on a global scale so they understand how international trade and culture play into a businesses day to day operations.

Student describing Hospitality Business Management: Not only will you get to take three foods labs at our on-campus restaurant known as Vita Nova, but you’ll also get to be a part of our lodging module, which is all about hotel management.

Student describing Management Information Systems: This major is the perfect combination between business and technology. Students in this major learn about various different programs and also how to analyze the data within these programs.

Student describing Sport Management: The combination of finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and other business aspects to create exceptional management for exceptional teams.

Student describing Marketing: Knowing your consumer and also knowing your product or service that you’re trying to sell. And it’s all about figuring out how those two can intersect.

Student describing Business Analytics: This major allows you to analyze and aggregate large amounts of data to get a competitive advantage in the business world. This major even allows you to choose a specific area of concentration to decide what is most interesting to you.

Student describing Management: My major taught me not only management skills but life skills.

Student describing Global Enterprise Management: This major is super customizable. You study globalization and then you design a program that best fits your interest like marketing, economics, data analytics and so much more.

Student describing Hospitality Industry Management: Creates an environment essential to learning the classroom knowledge needed for success in the industry. It also gives students opportunities to work within an operation and put that knowledge to the test.

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