Become the business professional you know you can be.

Lerner offers in-demand majors that are among some of the most popular programs at UD. Hands-on opportunities and innovative programs prepare you for a rewarding career in the ever-changing global marketplace. All of our programs feature the excellent instruction and personal involvement of our award-winning, published and tenured faculty.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Accounting (B.S.)

Gain the skills you need to tell the financial stories of businesses by recording, analyzing and communicating financial information.

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

Business Analytics (B.S.)

The business analytics major teaches you about the theories and methods of analyzing large volumes of data.

Business Undeclared Major

Business Undeclared Major

The business undeclared major helps you focus your interests and build a base of business knowledge in preparation for choosing your major(s) and minor(s).

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Economics

Economics (B.A./B.S.)

Place yourself at the juncture of social science, business and social policy. Economics helps explain the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics Education

Economics Education (B.A.)

The economics education major, offered by Lerner and the College of Arts and Sciences, prepares you to teach economics to secondary school students.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship (B.S.)

Learn to launch a startup, foster innovation in an established company or develop sustainable solutions to important societal problems.

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Finance (B.S.)

With a career in finance, you’ll help make the best decisions about raising and using resources under risk, whether you work for a bank or other financial intermediary, a consulting firm, a public or private corporation, a governmental organization or a not-for-profit.

Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Financial Planning and Wealth Management (B.S.)

As many employees are now tasked with managing their own money both before and after retirement, a growing number of families and retirees need financial planners to help them to make important financial decisions.

Bachelor of Science in Global Enterprise Management

Global Enterprise Management (B.S.)

The global enterprise management (GEM) major is your opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and aptitudes you need to succeed in the new global business environment.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Event Experience Management

Hospitality and Event Experience Management (B.S.)

The hospitality industry is one of the world’s largest employers, offering outstanding employment options around the globe, whether you’re interested in hotel, food service, event management or other hospitality operations.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Industry Management

Hospitality Industry Management (B.S.)

As a hospitality industry management (HSIM) student, you will learn the skills you need to help make excellent and informed decisions within the hospitality industry.

Bachelor of Science in International Business Studies

International Business Studies (B.S.)

The international business studies (IBS) major is designed to prepare you to live and conduct business effectively around the world.

Bachelor of Science in Management

Management (B.S.)

The management major will help you become a business leader who works with others to effectively create and implement ideas.

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems (MIS) (B.S.)

As a management information systems (MIS) major, you will learn to use information technology to solve business problems and find creative competitive advantages.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marketing (B.S.)

As a marketing major, you will learn to identify wants and needs among diverse groups of people, select target markets and develop strategies for new and existing products.

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Operations Management (B.S.)

As an operations management major, you’ll learn about the processes that companies use to transform resources into goods and services.

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

Sport Management (B.S.)

As a sport management major, you’ll take courses that are specific to the sport management discipline, as well as essential business courses that will help you to develop quantitative analysis skills and an understanding of essential business concepts.