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Create high-tech solutions to business challenges.

As a management information systems (MIS) major, you will learn to use information technology to solve business problems and find creative competitive advantages. You will learn to leverage information technology to spot business trends, help companies achieve success and add value to business processes. You will learn to analyze needs, design user interfaces and develop custom database systems to help businesses run faster and smoother.

Organizations of all sizes need managers with MIS backgrounds for their combined expertise in computer science, business and management information systems. If you like a challenge, want to be an innovative business leader and enjoy solving business problems with creative, high-tech solutions, MIS is the right major for you.



Internships and GET Immersion Internship

MIS students often choose to intern during their summers in order to gain career-related experience. Because of the program’s excellent reputation, many recruiters seek Lerner’s MIS majors for both public accounting firms and public/private industries upon graduation. Top companies come from all over the U.S. including the major cities from New York City to Washington, D.C. The elite 6-month GET Immersion Internship gives you extended, paid on-the-job experience – while earning academic credit.

Peer Mentors

The peer mentors are accounting and MIS students that serve as liaisons between the department and the students. Peer mentors give guidance to students on topics ranging from major/minor selection and campus organizations to the job search process. You can contact them with a quick question or to develop a long-term mentor/mentee relationship – they are here to make sure you get everything you can out of your college experience.

Honors in Management Information Systems

The honors program at UD offers a scholarly and enriching community that extends well beyond graduation. You’ll enjoy smaller, more challenging classes and the opportunity to engage in research and assume leadership roles.

The honors degree requires:

  1. All requirements for the B.S. in management information systems
  2. All of the UD requirements for the honors baccalaureate degree

The honors credits in the major will normally include MISY160 and MISY225. They may include required courses from other Lerner departments.


All courses 3 credits unless stated otherwise.

Freshman Year

First Semester
MISY160 Business Computing
ECON101 Introduction to Microeconomics
MATH221 Calculus I
Social & behavioral sciences breadth course
BUAD110 Basics of Business

Second Semester
History & cultural change breadth course
CISC108 Introduction to Computer Science I or free elective
MATH230 Finite Math with Applications
ENGL110 Seminar in Composition
ECON103 Introduction to Macroeconomics

Sophomore Year

First Semester
ACCT207 Accounting I
MATH201 Statistics I
MISY261 Business Information Systems
Natural sciences & technology breadth course
Creative arts & humanities breadth course
Free Elective (1 credit)

Second Semester
ACCT208 Accounting II
MATH202 Statistics II or MISY 262 Fundamentals of Business Analytics
MISY225 Introduction to Programming Business Applications
Social & behavioral sciences breadth course
Creative arts & humanities, history & cultural change or foreign language
Free Elective (1 credit)

Junior Year

First Semester
FINC311 Principles of Finance
BUAD301 Introduction to Marketing
BUAD309 Organizational Behavior
BUAD306 Service & Operations Management
MISY350 Web Design
Free Elective (1 credit)

Second Semester
COMM212 Oral Communication in Business
MISY330 Database Design & Implementation
CISC250 Business Telecommunications Networks
Concentration course
Natural Sciences & Technology breadth course

Senior Year

First Semester
MIS elective
MIS elective
Concentration course
Concentration course
MISY430 Systems Analysis & Implementation

Second Semester
Concentration course
MIS elective
Creative arts & humanities, historyl & cultural change or foreign language
MISY431 MIS Project Management
MISY432 MIS Projects

Capstone Projects

There are several MIS capstone courses that offer real world work experience. These courses depend on the type of program in which you are enrolled.

  • The Global Enterprise Technology (GET) Immersion Internship is a 12-15-credit paid internship. The courses involved in the immersion are MISY 370, MISY 375, and MISY 420. The GET Immersion Internship is open to all majors and minors at UD, with a focus on technology.
  • If you are a Global Enterprise Technology (GET) minor, you may take MISY437 and MISY439 in the fall and spring of your senior year.
  • If you are a MIS major or MIS minor and CIS Information Systems major, you will participate in MIS431 and MIS432 Project Management in the spring of your senior year. During these courses you’ll be part of an interdisciplinary student team working with an area company or non-profit to solve a business problem with a technology component.

Students and employers should contact Barbara Cullis at 302-831-6298 or for more information regarding capstone project courses.

In this video, Lerner Management Information Systems student Nick Rogers talks about his experience working on a cybersecurity project with the Delaware Small Business Development Center.

Career Opportunities

Business systems analyst
IT analyst
Technology consultant
IT auditor
Business systems developer
Database analyst
Risk assurance associate

Admissions Information

Learn more about undergraduate admissions requirements, deadlines, tuition and financial aid available to you.

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