Entrepreneurship (B.S.)

Entrepreneurship students meeting with industry representatives.
Change the world with your innovative ideas.

The entrepreneurship (ENTR) major will provide you with the knowledge, skills, connections and resources you need to launch a startup, foster innovation in an established company or develop sustainable solutions to important societal problems.

Technology innovation changes the world by creating new knowledge, disrupting established industries and reshaping career paths. The entrepreneurship major prepares you to adapt and thrive amidst this rapid change.

Through first-hand experience, you will learn to recognize opportunity, generate ideas, validate business models, influence others, bring innovative technologies to market and launch and grow new ventures. You’ll join other students and entrepreneurs through the programs of Horn Entrepreneurship.

What I Love About my Major

In this video, UD Lerner College students majoring in entrepreneurship discuss why they chose their major – why it is unique and opportunities they’ve had that will prepare them for their careers.

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Program Highlights

Focused Study

Enrollment in the ENTR major is limited to 30 students per year. This enables us to deliver a high-impact, small-school experience as well as the many opportunities associated with attending a major research university.

You’ll move through the program with the other students in your class as a cohort, completing required entrepreneurship courses and being immersed in the broader entrepreneurial community together. Seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders actively engage with you in all program courses and co-curricular activities.

Program Requirements

Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year
First semester
BUAD 110 – Basics of Business
ENTR 160 – Professional Development for Innovators
ENTR 350 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
STAT 200 – Basic Statistical Practice
ENGL 110 – First-Year Writing
History & cultural change breadth course
Second semester
ENTR 161 – Professional Development for Innovators
ECON 100, ECON 101 or ECON 103
MATH 115, MATH 117, MATH 221, MATH 241 or MISY 262
ENTR 356 – Creativity & Design Thinking or LEAD 300 – Leadership, Creativity & Innovation
CISC 101, CISC 103, CISC 108, MISY 225 or MISY 261
Multicultural course or free elective
Sophomore Year
First semester
ACCT 207 – Accounting I
ENTR 158 – Inventions, Innovations and New Technologies or ENTR 260 – Land Your Dream Internship (1 credit)
ENTR 351 – Entrepreneurial Marketing
Entrepreneurship elective
COMM 212, ENTR 211, HOSP 230, LEAD 209, THEA 204, THEA 226 or THEA 361
MISY 225, MISY 261 or free elective
Second semester
ACCT 208 – Accounting II
BUAD 301 – Introduction to Marketing
ENTR 158 – Inventions, Innovations and New Technologies or ENTR 260 – Land Your Dream Internship (1 credit)
ENTR 355 – User-Centered Research Methods for Entrepreneurs
Technical competency #1
ENTR 253 – Individual Leadership – Building a Foundation for Success or ENTR 353 – ENTR Apprentice: Leadership & Influence
Junior Year
First semester
BUAD 309 – Organizational Behavior
ENTR 452 – Entrepreneurial Selling or BUAD 470 – Introduction to Personal Selling
Entrepreneurship elective
FINC 311 – Principles of Finance
Technical competency #2
Second semester
BUAD 306 – Introduction to Service & Operations Management
ENTR 455 – Startup I
ENTR 364 – Entrepreneurship in Practice or ENTR 461 – Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship
Technical competency #3
Breadth course or free elective
Senior Year
First semester
BUAD 441 – Strategic Management
ACCT 352 – Law and Social Issues in Business or ENTR 457 – Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs
Technical competency #4
Creative arts & humanities breadth course or free elective
Breadth course or free elective
Second semester
Entrepreneurship elective
International business course
Technical competency #5
Breadth course or free elective

Career Opportunities

Within 6 months of graduating, for the class of 2022, 95% of Lerner’s entrepreneurship graduates are employed (earning a mean starting salary of $58,842 – 3 year average 2020-2022) or pursuing further education. For more information on career resources please visit the Lerner Career Services Center.

Top Employers

Some of the top employers of Lerner’s entrepreneurship graduates include:

  • The Siegfried Group
  • AlphaSights
  • Indeed
  • Livestream
  • S&P Global
  • Self-Employed
  • Skyline Artists

Top Jobs

Job titles of recent graduates with a entrepreneurship degree include:

  • Founder and CEO
  • Market Associate
  • Advisory Associate
  • Account Executive
  • Digital Strategist
  • Product Developer

Visit the Career Outcomes of Lerner entrepreneurship students to see more top employers, job titles, salaries and locations.


Admissions Information

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