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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Imani Gibbs July 19, 2022

As a member of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2022, Jason Bangser, an entrepreneurship and technology innovation and marketing double major from Ringfield, Connecticut, has not had the typical student experience at UD due to the coronavirus pandemic. Bangser, and his entire class, have shown incredible resilience, maturity and spirit while adjusting to the many unexpected changes that they have encountered as students. Each installment of this series will profile an outstanding member of this class, showcasing their achievements, experiences at UD and what it means to be a Blue Hen.

Bangser was nominated for this series by UD Manager of Academic Enrichment Tricia Monnig, who said, “Jason is a leader as demonstrated in his position as a Horn Ambassador in helping to train others in the important role of recruiting future Blue Hens. He is creative, thoughtful, motivated and a great role model for younger students.”

In this profile, Bangser shared his favorite UD memories, how he has changed during his time at UD and his plans following graduation.

Lerner: How have you grown from your freshman year at UD to now?

Bangser: I came into my freshman year with a lot of hopes about who I would be upon leaving UD, and I am happy to say that they all came true. UD was incredibly valuable in helping me find who I am, what I enjoy, and who my friends are. In my four years there, UD taught me how to be the best possible version of myself as a student, marketer, entrepreneur, and friend.

Lerner: Were you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, how did they shape your experience at UD?

Bangser: Throughout all four years, I was involved in the jazz program. Ensemble and Chamber Ensemble challenged me to expand my horizons as a guitar player, as well as introduced me to lifelong friends and bandmates. Tom Palmer and Dave Bozenhard are incredible musicians and instructors, and I am so lucky to have had their guidance.

Lerner: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?

Bangser: Being a Lifelong Lerner means perpetual openness to learning opportunities, consistent connection with the University and its students, and the eagerness to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of business professionals. I can not wait to remain involved in the alumni community and stay connected to my favorite professors.

Lerner: What was the most memorable course that you took at Lerner?

Bangser: My Independent Study with Dr. Wendy Smith was life changing. Together, we used an assortment of texts to study conscious capitalism, ethical business practices, and how our current economic system can be changed so that businesses, people, and the environment can benefit without someone else incurring the cost. She is an incredible thinker, and I am so excited to read her upcoming book, Both/And Thinking.

Lerner: What was your favorite UD experience?

Bangser: Pitching in Hen Hatch was a monumental moment for me. The support of my peers and instructors, like Vincent DiFelice, was something I will never forget, and placing as well as I did was a blessing. I am so grateful to Horn Entrepreneurship for that opportunity, as well as for everything else they provided me.

Lerner: What are your plans following graduation?

Bangser: I will be working as a Marketing Specialist for Perpay, a Philadelphia-based fintech startup. On the side, I will be continuing work on my own startup, ShareWallet. I intend to spend my weekends playing guitar in the local jazz clubs and coming back to Newark for the occasional visit to UD.