My Summer Internship: Lloyd Badson Jr. - Lerner - University of Delaware
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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College August 27, 2019

Each summer, students from the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics gain important real-world professional skills through internships. In each installment of this series, you’ll hear firsthand about how one Lerner student secured their internship, what their experience as an intern was like and what comes next!

Lloyd Badson Jr., Class of 2020, majoring in sport management and a defensive lineman for UD football, has spent his summer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as an intern for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Q: How did you find out about this internship?

Badson: I found out about the internship through Handshake and I chose it because I thought it fit what I wanted to do.

Q: What is the most exciting task that you have undertaken in your role?

Badson: I never saw it as work but as a job I loved to go to each day. My most exciting task would have to be “Starting 9.” The promotional team would go out and select nine kids at random to stand with the players during the national anthem. Seeing the excitement of both the kids and the parents when they were selected made the experience great.

Q: What did you learn through this internship that you don’t think you would have learned anywhere else?

Badson:  The environment that you choose to work in can determine how well you do your job. Early on, I knew that I would enjoy coming to work. Those that I worked with were very supportive and knew how to create a fun workplace while getting work done. Whether you were part of the grounds crew, security, promotions staff or concessions, did not matter because we all worked together. Everyone came to work with a smile on their face and was glad to be part of the Phillies organization. When you enjoy coming to work, it makes the job a lot easier. 

Q: What is an example of a time you were able to apply something you learned at the Lerner College to your role?

Badson: We do a lot of elevator pitches for promotions we run [at the Phillies]. The promotions need to be completed at certain times, so learning about quick 30 second pitches at Lerner helped a lot.

Q: What has been the most fun part of your internship?

Badson: The most fun part of my internship was a tie between marriage proposals at the ballpark and Starting 9. There was always excitement among the Phillies promotions staff when we learned that we would be working a proposal that day. We would bring champagne, confetti, a gift and a cameraman to film the proposal. That moment when the crowd erupts as the person says “yes” was a wonderful feeling every time. I was always tasked to be in charge of the proposals because the person never said “no” while I was there. 

Q: How do you think this internship will help you with your professional goals?

Badson: Gaining experience with a professional organization.

Q: What are your plans or next steps once this internship is over?

Badson: Continue to grow and network within the sport industry.