What I Love About My Major: Accounting


In this video, UD Lerner College students majoring in accounting discuss why they chose their major, why it is unique and opportunities they’ve had that will prepare them for their careers.


Kathleen Murphy: My favorite accounting class is definitely my accounting 207 class which is actually the first accounting class you take. It’s a basic review of anything financial accounting and really touches the surface level of all things in that major. I really enjoyed it because it confirmed my belief of wanting to be an accounting major and really got me excited for the rest of my classes.

Ruben Lopez: UD has given me a lot of opportunities. My favorite has been the chance to connect with one of the big 4’s since freshmen year and going through programs to eventually get an internship the summer of my sophomore year and I’m thankful for that because UD allowed me to meet a firm that I believe I feel comfortable working with for a long time.

Jeel Patel: The reason the accounting major is so unique is just the professors who make it unique. They are all very much involved and make it such a special bond with you that they will help you achieve whatever goals you need and are always there to help you.

Kehinde Adedoyin: So long term, I plan on taking the CPA exam and going into internal audit. My major is helping me do that because by the end of my degree I will have the 150 credits required to take the CPA exam and further going to the audit industry.

Ryan Kheshgi: An education in accounting is helping me achieve my goals tremendously. During the summer after my freshman year, I was able to participate in several different leadership programs and externships across the United States as simply a freshman. I didn’t need know to know anything about accounting but I got to learn a lot, not only about accounting, but how to progress my career as well.

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