What I Love About My Major: Global Enterprise Management


In this video, UD Lerner College students majoring in global enterprise management discuss why they chose their major, why it is unique and opportunities they’ve had that will prepare them for their careers.


Kristine Lim: I chose my major, global enterprise management, because I feel like I’m a very globally-minded person, and so I wanted a major that allowed me to take classes with that global focus. I thought about international business for a little bit, but with the language, it more so prepares you to work in the geographic location that pairs with the language that you choose, but global enterprise management has a little bit more of a digital focus and still gives you those skills to work and be a part of the global workforce but it is better suited for our technologically-advanced world today.

Raquel Simon: What makes my major so unique is that instead of focusing on the language and specific area, I can learn all about the international relations I need to know when entering the business world. I will feel so prepared when I graduate because I’m learning about globalization in business.

Kristine Lim: So my favorite class that I’ve taken within my major is international marketing. I took it while I was abroad in Australia, and I really enjoyed that I was able to take all these marketing things I had learned from previous classes but take it with an international approach and a global approach. And so I worked on a lot of different marketing strategies for international companies, helping them to expand in new areas and into new countries.

Raquel Simon: My career goal is to make the future accessible by working with Fortune 500 companies and making the business world more inclusive.

Kristine Lim: My favorite experience that I’ve had as a global enterprise management major was getting to study abroad in Australia and Singapore. So I took classes for two months in Sydney, Australia, and then I had an internship in Singapore. It was really amazing getting to live in these two new cities and getting to explore not only the world but also get to learn a lot about myself. Studying abroad is such a unique experience and I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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