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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Adam Sexton February 2, 2018

In this video, faculty and students talk about why a UD Lerner MBA prepares you to seize the opportunities around you. Visit our MBA program page for more information, including upcoming information sessions.

Video Transcript

What is the Lerner Opportunity?

Adam Fleischhacker, Associate Professor of Operations Management, J.P. Morgan Chase Faculty Fellow, UD Lerner College of Business: So the beauty of an MBA degree is that you learn to speak the language of the multiple disciplines, whether they’re more creative disciplines like marketing, to more technical disciplines like finance, or computational disciplines like business analytics. If you’re the one who can cut across the disciplines —bring these people together to work towards a common goal— then you’re the one who’s going to be leading as opposed to following.

Bruce Weber, Dean, UD Lerner College of Business and Economics: I think we all realize the pace of business continues to accelerate, and lifelong learning used to be a nice cliche term, but I think now it’s an essential.

Amy Estey Becker, Academic Advisor, MBA program, UD Lerner College of Business and Economics: Many of our students come with a technical background, whether it’s in banking or marketing or cooking, and they know that there’s a management, a business side that they want to fit into.

Dan O’Brien, Community Supported Agriculture Farmer, Coverdale Farm Preserve, UD Lerner MBA 2013: Food is a business. Everybody eats every single day. It’s something that’s part of everyone’s lives. I have a degree from culinary school, but I felt like I needed more professional experience. I felt like I needed more business acumen, and that’s why I decided to pursue an MBA.

Bruce Weber: So I think that we’ve built an MBA program that both provides the opportunity for depth with concentrations but we also insure that every student that leaves our MBA program is in a position where they would be able, they do have the tools to manage a team successfully.

Shyamala Athaide, student, UD Lerner MBA: The MBA program, and Lerner in general with the different things going on, it helps you grow. You learn the things you’re good at. You learn how to lead.

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