The Graduate Internship Program is an elite internship program where organizations hire top graduate student talent to work on real-world business projects. Companies such as AAA, Christiana Care, Siegfried, Sallie Mae, DuPont and Barclays have had talented interns work on short-term projects, research, reports and campaigns. The student receives a valuable learning experience, stipend and tuition scholarship and your company gets an essential member of the team.

Employer Benefits

  • Top students from Lerner College graduate degree programs (MBA, accounting, finance, international business, information systems and technology management, economics and hospitality business management) who want to apply their skills to an industry setting
  • A “first look” at a graduate intern, allowing the employer to develop a relationship and further the possibility of obtaining a full-time employee
  • International graduate interns provide knowledge of international markets and business practices
  • Each intern works 20 hours per week during the fall (September 1 – December 31) and spring terms (February 1-May 31). Precise dates agreed upon between the student and employer
  • Summer interns work 30 hours per week from June 1 through August 31. Precise dates agreed upon between the student and employer

"The Graduate Internship Program gives employers the personal attention that is missing from recruiting today resulting in a great fit for both the employer and students.”

Sarah Baker Andrus, Assistant Director, Lerner Career Services

Selection and Hiring Process

  • Employers provide Lerner College with a position description to be marketed to our graduate students
  • Resumes of the most qualified candidates are forwarded to the employer for consideration
  • Employers conduct interviews with the desired candidates and select their graduate intern
  • Once you hire an intern, we send you an invoice and we handle all HR onboarding including background checks, payroll and visa paperwork (if applicable)

What Does it Cost to Employers?

  • $10,500 (20 hours per week in fall/spring and 30 hours per week in summer) per graduate per semester

What the Graduate Intern Receives

  • An opportunity to apply their past career experience and advanced academic knowledge to the participating organization
  • Partial tuition waiver and stipend per semester
  • Beneficial feedback from employers at the end of the semester through a formal performance evaluation

Important Deadlines

Job postings must be received by the following deadlines for each semester:

  • Fall – June 1
  • Summer – April 1
  • Spring – November 1


Sarah Baker Andrus, Assistant Director