A Day in the Life of an MBA Student

From a graduate assistantship to working on a group project to attending class, Alex Huey walks us through a day in his life as an MBA student at the University of Delaware.


Huey: Hello, my name is Alex and I’m an MBA student concentrating in marketing analytics here at the University of Delaware and I am excited to share my day in the life as a Lerner MBA student with you. I just got to campus for the day. I’m here in Alfred Lerner Hall, which is part of our business college, and I’m headed to my office. So let’s start and kick off our day.

Welcome to the Lerner Dean’s office. So, I have my own office right within the dean’s office just around the corner. Let’s get some work done today.

So, a little bit more about myself: I do have a graduate assistantship here in Lerner. So, what that means is that in addition to my duties as an MBA student, I do have a job to do as well. So in my role, I help with undergraduate recruitment here within the business college, so that helps me leverage some of my marketing background. Then I also oversee a program called the Lerner ambassador program. I have 18 student tour guides that report to me directly, and they act as ambassadors to our college and help prospective students learn a little bit more about what we offer here at Lerner. So we actually do have an event this afternoon with our students for some prospective students that are interested in attending UD, but until then I do have some work to get done on my computer before that event, so I’m gonna get that stuff taken care of. I also do have a class tonight in which I have a quiz, so I try to be pretty efficient with my time. So once I finish my work for our event this afternoon, I’m gonna try to get a little bit of studying in. So let’s get some work done.

I’m hanging out with my students to welcome prospective Blue Hens to campus today.

Students: Happy visit day!

Huey: So, interacting with my Lerner ambassador students is probably my favorite part about being a graduate assistant here within Lerner. But now that we’ve had a productive day, I’m looking at the time and it is time for myself to be a student. I do have a hospitality business management class to attend this evening. It’s one of the electives that I chose for my MBA program. So why don’t we all head over to class and we’ll get going.

Before I head to class this evening, I do have a group project I’m working on for one of my marketing classes.

Student: Yeah, we’re in marketing research together and we just got together after work today to work on one of our case studies. We’re doing logo testing and we’re coming up with some hypotheses.

Huey: All right, so welcome to One South Main. So in addition to this being home to the Lerner Career Services Center, it is also home to several classrooms, so it’s time to go inside for class.

Well, there you have it. That’s about a day in my life as a Lerner MBA student. Our class tonight was really good, and I like the fact that it is a smaller class, which allows us to have some really good engaging discussion. So thank you for following along today and I hope to see you on campus sometime soon.