Five Lerner Students Receive Alteryx SparkED Graduate Scholarship

UD Lerner master of science in business analytics and information management students Riddhi Patel, Charles Chifamba Kudakwashe, Caitlyn Tobio, Sankarasubramanian Trichy Kalyanakumar and Eugene Holler were awarded the Alteryx SparkED Graduate Scholarship.

The University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics department of accounting and management information systems has partnered with computer software company, Alteryx, to offer the Alteryx SparkED Graduate Scholarship to five students in the Lerner College’s master of science in business analytics and information management (BAIM) program. 


UD graduate students Caitlyn Tobio, Eugene Holler, Sankarasubramanian Tricky Kalyanakumar, Riddhi Patel, and Charles Chifamba were each awarded a scholarship in the amount of $4,000 to supplement their ongoing education.


Lerner Adjunct Professor of  Management Information Systems Anatoliy Anguelov integrated the Alteryx tool into his graduate-level course, Dashboard Design and Storytelling (MISY675). Alteryx Designer is a data science and analytics no code/code friendly platform designed to make advanced analytics more accessible to data and knowledge workers.


“Students not only get credits for the course but they also get certified in a tool that is widely accepted in the business world. Even further, some students were offered job opportunities because they were certified, or because they have learned the tool,” Anguelov said


The award is based on overall performance in Professor Anguelov’s course, performance on the Alteryx Core Designer Certificate exam, and a written essay application.


Caitlyn Tobio

Caitlyn Tobio, a Class of 2023 graduate student from Staten Island, N.Y.


“Alteryx has affected my data literacy in many positive ways. Using Alteryx to sort and clean through data has allowed me to expand my creative process when it comes to data. Learning about and using all the different tools in Alteryx has made me dig deeper into understanding and analyzing data,” Tobio said.


“Alteryx will definitely help me in my career because I want to work with and analyze data. Since learning how to use Alteryx, I have inputted many datasets that are interesting to me, and played around with all the features to satisfy my curiosity.”


Eugene Holler

Eugene Holler, a Class of 2023 graduate student from Newark, Del.


“Alteryx has helped me better understand data and enhanced my ability to manipulate data. It has made me think about data in a new way because of the ability to switch any columns/rows or to group by v-string data types and show numerical functions based on values in a different column,” Holler shared.


“Since working with Alteryx, I have begun to think about how I can use data to tell a story. I hope to find a job where data manipulation and storytelling are the main parts of my role. When working with clients who have large amounts of data, having a powerful program that is able to filter, manipulate, and cleanse the data to prepare it for storytelling is essential, and that is why I believe Alteryx will accelerate my career.”


Sankarasubramanian Trichy Kalyanakumar

Sankarasubramanian Trichy Kalyanakumar, a Class of 2024 graduate student from Chennai, India.


“Alteryx helps me solve a wide range of issues with its code-free formatting. I can now easily connect with the raw data to brainstorm, explore and blend ideas, enabling me to gain insights and draw quicker conclusions to overcome tough resolving problems and time-consuming traditional tools.” he shared.


“As I continue to advance my career as a data analyst, Alteryx will be a vital tool in day-to-day use and data analysis knowledge. Navigating my portfolio between standalone projects as well as my integration responsibilities within larger workflows, Alteryx will help reflect my ownership and decision-making skills and make me a better leader.”


Riddhi Patel

Riddhi Patel, a Class of 2023 graduate student from Hyderabad, India. 


“With businesses collecting vast amounts of data, it is important to understand the quality of that data. Alteryx has helped me enhance my understanding of data sources and data constructions. I can apply the techniques and analytical methods in different scenarios and can make informed decisions for businesses,” Patel said.


“I do not have a background in coding; however, as an aspiring data professional, being able to work with data has become a necessity and Alteryx has helped me to do all of it without even needing to learn to code! I look forward to using Alteryx in my Data Analyst career for data modeling, data mining, data transformation, and building workflows. Since I have already achieved the certification, it will help to prove my knowledge of data to the employers.”


Charles Chifamba Kudakwashe

Charles Chifamba Kudakwashe, a Class of 2024 graduate student from Harare, Zimbabwe.


“As an international student coming from a business background with very little data literacy, Alteryx empowered me this semester. The challenging core exam required me to spend hours doing weekly challenges and to use logic to come up with solutions. This enabled me to apply such logic in my other data-related classes,” he shared.


“I have become more comfortable working with data. After completing the Alteryx micro exam and core exam, passing them has given me an increased sense of confidence that, with dedication and hard work, I too belong in the data-driven business world.” 



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