Lerner Student Advisory Board

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have almost 30 unique student groups that they can choose to join. In each installment of this series, an executive member of one of these student groups will share their first-hand experience choosing, participating in and eventually leading their group.


Jessica Gittleman, Class of 2021 hospitality business management major with a minor in entrepreneurship, is the chairwoman of the Lerner Student Advisory Board (LSAB) at the Lerner College. Gittleman shared why she joined LSAB, what makes this group unique and more!


Lerner: When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Gittleman: I applied to join LSAB my sophomore year because I love being a part of Lerner and wanted to create the best experience for myself and other students. I knew a few people on the board and was amazed at what they were doing. LSAB has a huge presence within Lerner and has the ability to make decisions, connect with students and faculty and propose changes.

Lerner: What is the mission/goal of your student group?

Gittleman: LSAB seeks to connect the students and the college’s faculty and Dean, and to create an environment of two-way feedback to foster an environment of academic enrichment, extracurricular involvement and improved satisfaction among Lerner students.

Lerner: When and where does your student group meet and approximately how many members do you have?

Gittleman: LSAB meets bi-weekly via Zoom. In previous semesters LSAB would meet in One South Main. We also have additional meetings when needed and meet to prepare and put on events as well. We currently have a board of 12 members.


Lerner: What is your best memory from this student group?

Gittleman: My best memory was running tables inside of Purnell Hall and being able to meet tons of Lerner students and hear their feedback. At the tables, we gave out bagels and entered students into lotteries for fun prizes. The tables were great because you have access to so many students who each have individual stories. Even though we only spoke to each student for a few minutes I loved getting to know my fellow Lerner peers.


Lerner: What is unique about your student group?

Gittleman: LSAB is unique because we are in contact with Lerner and the deans and faculty. We act as a liaison between the deans and the students. This allows us to have relationships with the faculty and students, which sets us apart from other organizations. We are also unique because we aim to create the best experience possible for Lerner students.


Lerner: What has been your proudest moment leading your student group?

Gittleman: My proudest moment leading this group has been seeing how hard the rest of the board members are working with me to create the best possible online events and resources during this challenging time. LSAB would not be possible without the eleven other members I work with.


Lerner: What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Gittleman: Our goals are to continue our monthly newsletter, hopefully have in person events soon and create an LSAB website where you can find all things LSAB including links to register for our events.


Lerner: How has your student group helped you grow?

Gittleman: LSAB has helped me grow because it has allowed me to feel comfortable when talking to faculty members and other students. Whenever I plan an event, publish a newsletter or purchase supplies there are always many people I need to speak to. Through this position I have been able to form relationships with these people.

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