Lifelong Lerner: Josefina Fernandez Davila

Josephina Fernandez Davilia poses for a photo with a Lerner building background.

As a member of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2020, Josefina Fernandez Davila from Peru has not had the typical final semester or commencement at UD due to the coronavirus outbreak. She, and her entire class, have shown incredible resilience, maturity and spirit while adjusting to the many unexpected changes that they have encountered.


Fernandez Davila was nominated for this series by UD Senior Assistant Dean of Global Programs and Partnerships and Associate Professor of marketing Jennifer Gregan, who said, “Josephina is a hard working student athlete from Lima, Peru and one of the most upbeat and friendly people I’ve ever met.


In this profile, Fernandez Davila, an international business studies major with a management information systems minor, shared her favorite UD memories, how she has changed during her time at UD and her plans following graduation.


Q: How do you think you have changed from your first semester at UD to now?


Fernandez Davila: I have become more responsible and have developed skills that not only will help me in the professional field but will also help me with my interpersonal relationships.


Q: What is your favorite place at UD? 


Fernandez Davila: My favorite place in UD is The Green because I feel like I can experience UD at its best.


Q: What is the most memorable course that you took at Lerner?


Fernandez Davila: My most memorable course was MISY160 with Edward Hartono because it was the class that got me interested in my minor.


Q: What was your favorite signature UD experience?


Fernandez Davila: My favorite UD experience were the football and baseball games.


Q: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?


Fernandez Davila: It means that I will always have Lerner as a support system for my professional career.


Q: What are your plans following graduation?

Fernandez Davila: Go back to Peru and work for a multinational corporation.

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