Lifelong Lerner: Lorenzo Andaya

Lorenzo Andaya, a member of UD’s Lerner Class of 2022, shared his favorite UD memories, how he has grown during his time at UD and his plans following graduation.

As a member of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2022, Lorenzo Andaya, a management information systems major with a minor in business analytics from Dover, Delaware, has not had the typical student experience at UD due to the coronavirus pandemic. Andaya, and his entire class, have shown incredible resilience, maturity and spirit while adjusting to the many unexpected changes that they have encountered as students. Each installment of this series will profile an outstanding member of this class, showcasing their achievements, experiences at UD and what it means to be a Blue Hen.



Andaya was nominated for this series by UD Associate Professor and Chairperson of Management Information Systems Ellen Monk, who said, “Enzo is one of the most enthusiastic, intelligent, thoughtful and respectful students I have ever had in my 30+ years of teaching. He is also truly dedicated to philanthropic causes. He deserves to be honored because he represents what every student in the college should aspire to.”


In this profile, Andaya shared his favorite UD memories, how he has changed during his time at UD and his plans following graduation.



Lerner: How have you grown from your freshman year at UD to now?


Andaya: Over my four years at UD, I have become more comfortable in dealing with uncertainty. As a freshman, I feel like I was conditioned to always need to know the answer to every question. However, I have gradually learned that sometimes there is no right answer, and I have learned to be okay with that.



Lerner: Were you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, how did they shape your experience at UD?


Andaya: I have been involved with UDance, UD’s dance marathon program that raises money for the fight against childhood cancer. UDance has had a profound impact on my experience at UD. I have met some of the hardest working, compassionate people through UDance, and hearing stories about children with cancer has made me appreciate things about college that we often take for granted.



Lerner: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?


Andaya: Being a “Lifelong Lerner” means that you always have an excellent network of business professionals to fall back on and learn from. It means never being satisfied and always trying to better yourself and those around you.



Lerner: What was the most memorable course that you took at Lerner?



Andaya: The most memorable course I took at Lerner was Database Design and Implementation. I had an amazing professor in Dr. Ellen Monk, and I had so much fun using MySQL for the first time. I learned the true value in being able to accurately interpret data and the value in efficiently designed databases.



Lerner: What was your favorite UD experience?



Andaya: My favorite UD experience has been being a part of the UDance Executive Board. I have met children with cancer and become close with their families, and I have been able to fight alongside an amazing group of individuals who are all working tirelessly for a cause much greater than ourselves.



Lerner: What are your plans following graduation?


Andaya: I have accepted a full time offer as a Technology Risk Consultant at EY in Philadelphia.

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