Lifelong Lerner: Mirelle Palatnik

As a member of the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics’ Class of 2021, Mirelle Palatnik, an honors finance and marketing double major from Long Island, New York has not had the typical final year or commencement at UD due to the coronavirus pandemic. Palatnik, and her entire class, have shown incredible resilience, maturity and spirit while adjusting to the many unexpected changes that they have encountered.


Palatnik was nominated for this series by UD Adjunct Faculty of entrepreneurship Howland Redding, who said, “Mirelle was a standout student in my Real Estate Finance class. She was engaged in the learning process throughout the semester and excelled academically. The quality of her work was truly exceptional. What I found equally outstanding was the note of sympathy she wrote me when my mother passed away last October. Mirelle embodies what is right with the world and I know she will be a great future ambassador for UD.”


In this profile, Palatnik shared her favorite UD memories, how she has changed during her time at UD and her plans following graduation.


Lerner: How do you think you have changed from your first semester at UD to now?


Palatnik: Since beginning my journey, UD has pushed me to become the best version of myself. Through the countless resources at UD and Lerner, I’ve grown academically, professionally and socially. I’ve been a part of such unique and special experiences here that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. This school has been an essential guide in helping me find success, joy and friendship. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had here and the people I’ve met along the way.


Lerner: What is your favorite place at UD?


Palatnik: My favorite place at UD is the Green! I’ve created countless memories there that span from soaking up the sun with my friends to walking to my first class on a cool fall day. No matter the weather, it’s always a beautiful spot to go on a walk, do some studying or just hang out. The Green is the heart of campus!


Lerner: What is the most memorable course that you took at Lerner?


Palatnik: The most memorable course I took at Lerner was Digital Marketing with Professor Muir. This course expanded my knowledge of marketing beyond the classroom with experiential learning through community involvement. This course gave me the skills I need to succeed in a potential career in marketing. Professor Muir continually updates course content to remain relevant with the ever-evolving world. Furthermore, Professor Muir has made this course approachable and enjoyable for every student.


Lerner: What was your favorite signature UD experience?


Palatnik: My favorite UD experience was taking part in UDance every year. UDance connects every student, alumni and faculty member across campus with its heartfelt aim. Regardless of the circumstances, UD comes together to contribute to the goals of the Be Positive Foundation each year. UDance is a beautiful event that continually unifies Blue Hens year-round.


Lerner: What does being a “Lifelong Lerner” mean to you?


Palatnik: To me, being a “Lifelong Lerner” means continuing the journey I started at Lerner four brief years ago. The experiences I’ve gained here have become a foundational block on the road ahead – I’ll be bringing my Lerner values to every future new endeavor. I hope to give back to this college which has given me the greatest university experience through community engagement, mentorship and success.


Lerner: What are your plans following graduation?


Palatnik: I plan to work as an analyst for BlackRock. Working for this company has been a dream of mine since a young age and I can’t believe it’s coming true. My plans with them would not be possible without Lerner!

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