My Summer Internship: Daniel Kuria

Daniel Kuria Summer Internship

Each summer, students from the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics acquire real-world professional skills through internships. In each installment of this series, an outstanding Lerner student will be profiled, sharing their internship experience, challenges they have overcome and what their future holds!


Daniel Kuria, class of 2023, finance major with a minor in business analytics, spent his summer as an asset management analyst at Goldman Sachs.



Lerner: How did you find out about this internship? Why did you pursue it?


Kuria: I found out about the internship by directly researching open positions on the Goldman Sachs company careers website. I pursued the role because I knew I wanted three things going into my first job out of college: a fast-paced company where I would learn and be challenged, a company that would invest in me as much as I invest in them and a role that I would look forward to doing everyday.



Lerner: What did you learn from this internship that you think you would not have learned elsewhere?


Kuria: The biggest learning curve was understanding the differences in the way presentations are made, how deals are done and the information provided to financial advisors on the institutional and retail side of the business.



Lerner: What is the most exciting task or project that you have done or are currently doing in your role?


Kuria: My favorite project from my summer internship was a presentation called the Role Play. In this presentation I acted as the company’s regional consultant contacting a financial advisor following up on a call regarding a Goldman product that the advisor was interested in adding to his book. It was really cool because it gave me first-hand experience on what a regional consultant looks and how those conversations regarding Goldman’s product offerings are driven.



Lerner: What is an example of a time where you were able to apply what you’ve learned at Lerner to your role?


Kuria: Something that I learned at Lerner and was able to apply to my internship with Goldman Sachs was critical thinking. Thinking about how different market conditions impact the businesses, consumers, and the economy as a whole.



Lerner: How do you think this internship will push you closer to your professional goals?


Kuria: This internship was transformative as it helped me narrow my focus on what I want out of my career and my professional aspirations. The program showed me my biggest strengths but also weaknesses. I was able to learn so much about myself and can now concentrate my efforts toward my goals.



Lerner: Did you face any challenges during your internship? If so, what was the issue and how did you overcome it?


Kuria: There were a few challenges throughout the internship from a few different things, but the biggest way I can say I overcame those various challenges was taking a step back and asking for help. The biggest thing I learned regarding challenges was not being afraid to ask for help but also letting others know how to help. Everyone was always willing to take the time to help and it made things a lot better.



Lerner: What are your career plans once your internship ends?


Kuria: I am looking forward to beginning my career following graduation with Goldman Sachs in their asset management division.

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