Gender Equity and Leadership Research Symposium

The Women’s Leadership Initiative at UD hosts research symposia that include faculty and doctoral students interested in research on gender equity and women’s leadership. Each symposium consists of interactive sessions with light research presentations, experience sharing, and idea generation among audience members. The purpose is for faculty to share their work with one another, collectively inspire new scholarship, stimulate ongoing dialogue, and potentially develop new research ideas and co-authored projects.

April Symposium

Thursday, April 11, 2024
12 – 2:30 p.m.
1 S. Main St, Room 121, Newark, DE

Register today for this free half-day research symposium to include faculty and doctoral students interested in research on gender equity and women’s leadership.

The symposium will include the presentation of new scholarship, interactive engagement from participants and a networking lunch.

Women Scholars Experiences in Economic Education, Mixed-Gender Research Collaborations, & Economics Major Selection
Carlos Asarta, WLI Faculty Fellow, Professor of Economics & Director of the Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, Faculty Athletic Representative


Women on Corporate Boards
Laura Field, WLI Faculty Fellow, Donald Puglisi Chair & Professor of Finance


The Paradoxes of Women’s Leadership
Wendy Smith, Dana J. Johnson Professor of Business, Faculty Director & Co-Founder, Women’s Leadership Initiative


For more information contact Amanda Bullough, co-founder & research director, WLI

Past Symposia

Spring 2023 Speakers

  • Dr. Stephanie Raible: “What’s in a Name? Women’s use of professional titles in entrepreneurial roles”
  • Dr. Laura Gasiorowski: “The Role of Gender in Startup Media Coverage”
  • Stacy Astrove: “Supporting Proud Misfits: Exploring Research Ideas Surrounding Women and Misfit in Organizations”
  • Dr. Dafina Diabate: “Female University Presidents”
  • Dr. Amanda Convery: “Reflections of Women Standard Setters in the United States”
  • Dan Lee: “Research on Gender Inequality: An Economic Perspective”
  • Dr. Katherine Bender: “Undergraduate Student Negotiating Skills: A low-hanging fruit in the quest to close the gender wage gap?”
  • Dr. Amanda Bullough: “New Research Questions: Gender egalitarianism and other societal level culture dimensions and women’s leadership”

Fall 2023 Speakers

  • Dr. Kyle Emich: “When Majority Men Respect Minority Women, Groups Communicate Better: A neurological exploration”
  • Dr. Katalin Takacs Haynes: “Gender and Co-Authorship Collaboration Patterns in Management Research”
  • Dr. Sheryl Kline: “Mentorship and Sponsorship: Advancing women’s careers in the post-pandemic environment”
  • Dr. Amanda Bullough: “Women Leaders Cases: New series, new material”