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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College November 20, 2019

Students at the University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics have almost 30 unique student groups that they can choose to join. In each installment of this series, an executive member of one of these student groups will share their first-hand experience choosing, participating in and eventually leading their group. 

Jessica Casino, Class of 2020 marketing and operations management major with a minor in international business studies, is the president of Women in Business at the Lerner College. Casino shared why she joined Women in Business, what makes this group unique and more!

When and why did you choose to join this student group?

Casino: My first year at UD I decided to join Women in Business because I wanted to enhance my professional development, network with successful female leaders and interact with female business students with similar values.

What is the mission of your student group?

Casino: Enabling female students to connect with professional women to gain insight into the business world and explore opportunities for growth and success.

What is your best memory from this student group?

Casino: My best memory from this group was planning an event this past fall. The recruiters came in and hugged me because of the relationship that we have built over my time spent with this RSO. I think it is really rewarding to be memorable in the eyes of a recruiter and to be validated on the hard work and effort put into planning events.

What is unique about your student group?

Casino: The unique quality about Women in Business is that we always meet with intentionality. I always say, “we don’t meet just to meet, we meet for a purpose.” That purpose typically centers around events with recruiters or the Women’s Leadership Initiative at the Lerner College. 

What has been your proudest moment leading your student group?

Casino: My proudest moment leading Women in Business was at our interesting meeting when over 100 female students piled into a classroom on the second floor of Lerner Hall. Everyone was excited to learn about us and join our RSO! All of the executive board gave personal testimonies as to why they love being in Women in Business and I was very proud to lead such an amazing group of women.

What are your goals for the future of your student group?

Casino: My goals for Women in Business is to continue to grow in membership, recruiter relationships and hold down the title of being the largest academic RSO on campus.

How has your student group helped you grow?

Casino: Women in Business has allowed me to establish comfortability in networking with recruiters and interviewing for full-time positions. I have been able to enhance my leadership skills and collaborate with amazing students and faculty at UD.

Women in Business has 683 members and hosts multiple events every semester that are held both on and off campus.