Opportunity includes everyone.

At Lerner, we recognize that success in business is all about collaboration. Our strength, and the success of our students and alumni, owes everything to our network – students, scholars, alumni, recruiters, and corporate partners.

Among public universities, we stand apart as a right-sized institution from a “big opportunity” state. You will receive a more personal kind of advising and career attention, form stronger connections with mentors and friends, and recognize your Lerner distinction well beyond graduation.

Careers & Networks News

Common mistakes in the job search process - This guest post is written by Jill Pante, Director of Lerner College’s Career Services Center. I’ve been a career counselor/coach for 15 years, with clients ranging in age from 18 to 72. Our conversations about the job search have included straightforward topics like resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn and interviews, as well as more complicated and […]
How UD MBA Lisa Weaver saved DuPont $8 million and counting - “Lisa Weaver has a proclivity for seeking improvements beyond a project’s requirements. Coming from an undergraduate background in operations management and marketing, she knows how to deliver inventive, process-oriented results. Her ability to combine creative and analytical thinking makes supply management a perfect fit for Weaver.” This is how ThomasNet and the Instititue for Supply […]
Q&A with UD alumna Susan W. Gates: Avoiding the mistakes of the 2008 housing crisis - This year marks a decade since the 2008 housing crisis, when housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac required a multi-billion dollar government bailout to prevent mortgage rates from skyrocketing. And 10 years later, a number of key questions remain: “What lessons have we learned in the long decade? House prices are rising – even […]