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Enjoy a lifetime of benefits: executive mentors, elite internships, career coaching and more.

As a graduate student, you will follow twin paths to career success — working hard in the classroom, and leading your own professional development and job search.

Lerner provides routine opportunities to improve your communication, presentation and other soft skills through networking events and virtual workshops. Prepare to network with business leaders and alumni through speaker series, virtual workshops, mentoring programs and career fairs.

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Meet Your Coach

You will have access to a career coach while a student and after you graduate. Your coach can provide:

  • Personal career assessments using Career Leader
  • Information regarding networking events (including virtual options)
  • Career coaching using Skype, video conferencing, phone and email
  • Cover letters, email correspondence and resume critiques
  • Job search strategies and networking options
  • Job interview advice and salary negotiation

Build Experience

Graduate Executive Mentors Program

The business community has long recognized the value of mentoring as a means of developing both its leaders and its future workforce. Business professionals who act as mentors and role models help students gain insights that allow these students to hone their skills in preparation for successful employment.

Lerner is leading the way with this unique educational resource through its Graduate Executive Mentors Program. This initiative establishes 1:1 mentor-student relationships in which the executive’s professional background is complementary to the student’s career objectives.

Graduate Internship Program

The Graduate Internship Program is an elite internship program for full-time students that gives top Lerner College graduate students an opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience for a leading company.

These positions pay a stipend and include a partial tuition scholarship. Once you have accepted an offer of admission, please contact the Lerner Career Services Office to apply for a Graduate Internship Program position.

"The Lerner Career Services Center has been a vital part of my MBA program. One-on-one career advice, multiple resume review sessions, connecting with employers, and valuable networking opportunities (including the one that got me my internship!) are only a few things that the center has helped me with. It is an excellent resource for all students, and I cannot imagine getting where I am without their help!”

Sabah Sarika, MBA 2018

Gather Resources

These websites and resources can help you as you create your career plan.

Beyond B-School
Beyond B-School offers expert advice on job search, resume writing, interviewing, networking and more.
M.S. in accounting
M.S. in finance
M.S. in economics
M.S. in international business
M.S. in information systems
Career Leader
Career Leader assesses your interests, skills and motivators to help you determine the best career path for you.

To take the Career Leaders Assessment, contact Paul Rollison at

Login in to Handshake to access these services and more:
  • CareerShift: Search jobs from all job boards and all company job postings.
  • Candid Career: Alumni sharing their unique experiences and advice.
  • InterviewStream: Simulated online job interviews for students to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Vault: The world’s leading source of career intelligence to help in your efforts at researching employers, industries and careers.
  • Passport Career: Job search and country-specific resources to help with your career/internship interests around the world and in the USA.


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