MBA Information Technology

The information technology MBA concentration provides valuable skills for those working in the IT field and helps those with IT backgrounds to update their current knowledge. This program consists of a unique blend of core business courses and information systems (IS) courses.

To become a manager in this field you must be comfortable with both technology and working with others to accomplish business goals. The effective IS manager understands business functions, the latest technology and the programs available for solving particular problems.


You can take the Lerner MBA with specialization in information technology on campus or online. You can also take several online courses while enrolled in the on-campus program. It is offered as a concentration, which requires 3 courses plus 2 elective courses you choose.

Program Requirements

The Lerner MBA’s core business courses and professional development classes give you a solid base of business management knowledge.

The MBA concentration in information technology requires 3 courses and offers a broad view of IT. In addition to the 9 credits of the concentration, you will choose an additional 6 credits of electives.

Concentration Courses (9 credits)
ACCT 604 – Database Design & Implementation
ACCT 606 – Object-Oriented Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation
Choose one course from:
ACCT 605 – Current Issues in Emerging Technologies
MISY 640 – Project Management and Costing
MISY 650 – Security & Control
MISY 627 – Information Technology & Organizational Effectiveness
MISY or ACCT Independent Study, Internship or related course, with prior approval
(3-6 credits; when focused on IT-related topic)
Classes from the M.S. in information system & technology management program are also acceptable, as well as some graduate level courses from the Department of Computer Science, with prior approval.
Courses vary in format and term offered. Your MBA advisor can help you plan your course of study.

Career Opportunities

  • Business systems analyst
  • Business systems project manager
  • Network administrator
  • Data entry & retrieval systems manager
  • Communications network manager
  • Application or system programmer
  • Hardware marketer

Admissions Information

Learn more about MBA admissions requirements, deadlines, tuition and financial aid available to you.