Inspirational education and pioneering scholarship to transform business and society.

The Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics delivers inspirational education and pioneering scholarship, building an inclusive community that beneficially transforms business and society.

Our mission is to:

  • Foster intellectually curious and globally‐minded lifelong learners with a leadership mindset
  • Generate knowledge by proposing solutions to business and economic problems using the latest theories, analytics and technology
  • Advance experiential learning and scholarly opportunities for students and faculty by leveraging Delaware’s proximity to major centers of commerce and government; partnering with local businesses and collaborating with international organizations
  • Cultivate a diverse faculty pursuing impactful scholarship and enthusiastically sharing their expertise
  • Encourage and support dedicated advisors and staff to provide personalized service to facilitate students’ success
  • Engage our alumni to inspire excellence across the College
What is the Lerner opportunity?
In this video, hear from faculty and students about the many business programs and opportunities that the Lerner College of Business and Economics provides.
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