Welcome to the Lerner difference.

Opportunity, Inc. makes a clear and unwavering promise to students, faculty, partners, alumni and stakeholders: You will thrive here.

Opportunity, Inc. underscores our commitment as advisors, mentors, scholars and teachers to design and deliver both educational and experiential opportunities that give our students a tangible edge.

By providing each student with a unique combination of classroom, co-curricular, applied research, mentoring, shadowing, internship and professional experiences, the Lerner College creates an environment that challenges students to explore all of the opportunities that most inspire and fulfill them.

Lerner graduates succeed by embracing creativity and change; by applying data, logic and experience to crucial business decisions; and by demonstrating drive, confidence and innovation in diverse situations. Lerner prepares and supports these successful thinkers, innovators, managers and leaders as they thrive in environments of scarce resources, rapid change, global competition and advancing technology.

At the Lerner College, opportunity does more than sharpen skills and accelerate careers — it strengthens companies, shapes communities and inspires each of us to reach our full potential.