Finance students focus on learning how to make the best decisions about raising and using resources under risk. Finance addresses many questions regarding value:

  • How much is a product worth?
  • Is a stock worth investing in?
  • Will expanding a business produce a sufficient return on investment?

Deciding what to do with the opportunities and resources you have or can obtain today, balanced with your business needs for tomorrow — that’s what the field of finance is all about.

Academic Programs



Research Databases

The Finance Department helps maintain an extensive set of research databases for faculty and students. The availability of our databases is made possible through the generous support of the Lerner College, the Unidel Foundation, Donald J. Puglisi and gifts from many other alumni, faculty and friends.

For examples of research produced with these databases, please visit our faculty research page.


  • My Summer Internship: Keaton Stott - Keaton Stott, a Class of 2023 business analytics and finance double major, spent his summer working on founding a new Venture Capital Club at UD.
  • My Summer Internship: Josiah Hanson - Josiah Hanson, a Class of 2023 finance and financial planning major with a minor in business analytics, spent his summer working as a business development intern for a small business.
  • My Summer Internship: Matt Blumenberg - Matt Blumenberg, a Class of 2022 finance and economics double major, spent his summer partaking in the Lerner College’s Road to Wall Street Program.
  • The Top of the Glass Ceiling - New research from Donald J. Puglisi Professor of Finance Laura Field found that diverse corporate board directors are less likely to serve in leadership positions despite having stronger qualifications.
  • Just in Time Learning - UD’s Lerner College hosted an Online Teaching Virtual Showcase for faculty to share and prepare for the fall semester.