Become a business leader in the area of finance.

Earn both the MBA and the M.S. in finance with a total of 59 credits.

Program Requirements

Required courses FINC 851 or 861, 852 or 856, and 862 comprise the finance practice module. If FINC 851 and 861 are both taken, one becomes an elective; if FINC 852 and 856 are taken, one becomes an elective. With approval, you may substitute an elective for each of these courses for which you have extensive work experience or prior coursework in the area.

You may choose courses from the electives list below but you are not limited to courses on the list. Submit other courses for approval to the M.S. in Finance Program Director prior to registration in the course.

Suggested course sequence.

MBA Courses (29 credits)
ACCT 600 – Financial Reporting & Analysis
BUAD 620 – Fundamentals of Analytics
BUAD 631 – Operations Management & Management Science
BUAD 640 – Ethical Issues in Domestic & Global Business Environments
BUAD 670 – Managing People, Teams & Organizations
BUAD 680 – Marketing Management
BUAD 690 – Corporate Strategy
ECON 603 – Economic Analysis for Business Policy
FINC 650 – Financial Management
Professional Development Seminars (1 credit each):
BUEC 601 – Building Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking
BUEC 603 – Communicating, Branding & Career Networking
M.S. Finance Courses (27 credits)
ACCT 625 – Financial Statement Analysis
ECON 622 – Applied Econometrics I
FINC 615 – International Finance
FINC 651 – Corporate Financial Analysis or FINC 619 – Financial Modeling & Valuation
FINC 652 – Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management or FINC 616 – Derivative Securities & Risk Management
FINC 662 – Fixed Income Securities
FINC 670 – Theory of Financial Decision Making
FINC 671 – Workshop in Finance Seminar
FINC 672 – Workshop in Finance: Empirical Research
Elective (3 credits)
Choose one from:
FINC 612 – Capital Markets & Financial Institutions
FINC 616 – Derivative Securities & Risk Management (If FINC 652 already taken)
FINC 619 – Financial Modeling & Valuation (If FINC 651 already taken)
FINC 654 – Special Topics in Finance
FINC 658 – Corporate Governance
ACCT 614 – Advanced Federal Taxation
ECON 800-level courses with approval of the director


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