Accelerated Degree Programs (4+1)

4+1 Degree Programs
Diversify your career choices by combining your undergraduate degree with a graduate degree.

In one year beyond your bachelor’s degree, you can earn a master’s degree, too, saving you time and money. An accelerated program is one of many options Lerner students have to get the education, expertise and degrees they need for the careers they want.

Only current students can apply to accelerated 4+1 programs.

How Does it Work?

  1. Pursue one of the UD majors available in a 4+1 program.
  2. In the second semester of your junior year, speak with your academic advisor about applying to the 4+1 program.
  3. If you’re granted provisional acceptance, you’ll take graduate-level courses during the final year of your undergraduate studies.
  4. Because some undergraduate courses are waived for the accelerated program, you’ll be able to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in only 5 years.

4+1 Programs

Undergraduate Degree Graduate Degree
Accounting B.S. Accounting M.S.
Accounting B.S. Business Analytics & Information Management M.S.
Actuarial Sciences B.S. MBA
Applied Mathematics B.S. MBA
Biomedical Engineering B.E. MBA
Chemical Engineering B.Ch.E. MBA
Civil Engineering B.C.E. MBA
Computer Engineering B.Cp.E. MBA
Computer Science B.A. or B.S. MBA
Cybersecurity Engineering B.S. MBA
Economics B.S. Economics M.S.
Electrical Engineering B.E.E. MBA
Environmental Engineering B.En.E. MBA
Finance B.S. Finance M.S.
GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics B.S. MBA
Hospitality & Event Experience Management B.S. MBA
Hospitality Industry Management B.S. MBA
Information Systems B.S. MBA
Management Information Systems B.S. Business Analytics & Information Management M.S.
Materials Science and Engineering B.S. MBA
Mathematics B.A. or B.S. MBA
Mathematics and Data Science B.S. MBA
Mathematics & Economics B.S. (double major) Economics M.S.
Music Industry Studies B.A. MBA