Master analytics and manage information.

Advance your technical and analytical skills with an M.S. in business analytics and information management. Your degree will prepare you to become a valuable employee who can manage change and innovation in any industry – your employer will rely on your skills to understand data and technology.

Program Highlights

The M.S. in business analytics and information management is a program of study that you customize to meet your career goals. Choose a business analytics focus, an information management focus or a blend of the two. Designed for both working professionals and full-time students, you will gain the skills and knowledge to be a leader in data-driven decision making.

Additionally, the M.S. in business analytics and information management degree qualifies as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) OPT (Optional Practical Training) program. This allows international students in a technical field to apply for a 24-month extension to their OPT period.

Program Requirements

Our curriculum will prepare you for the complex challenges of today’s increasingly technical and competitive global environment.

Courses (30 credits)
Foundation Courses:
MISY 604 – Database Design and Implementation
MISY 606 – Object-Oriented Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation
Core Courses (24 credits): Choose 8 courses from:
ACCT 602 – Big Data Technologies
BUAD 620 – Fundamentals of Analytics
BUAD 621 – Decision Analytics and Visualization
BUAD 622 – Optimization and Spreadsheet Modelling
BUAD 625 – Business Analytics Capstone
MISY 631 – Data Mining for Business Analytics
MISY 675 – Dashboard Design & Storytelling
STAT 674 – Applied Data Base Management (SAS)
MISY 605 – Current Issues in Management Information Systems
BUAD 670 – Managing People, Teams, and Organizations
MISY 615 – Enterprise Architecture: Digitally Transforming Business
MISY 640 – Project Management and Costing
MISY 650 – Security and Control
MISY 655 – Ethics in Technology Management
MISY 673 – Information Technology and Organizational Effectiveness
CPEG 665 – Introduction to Cybersecurity
Other courses with approval from the director

Industry-Proven Faculty

Lerner faculty who teach in the masters program bring a combination of academic and real-world experience to the classroom providing fresh insights on the role of business analytics and information management.

Career Opportunities

Every industry and sector relies heavily on business analytics and information management graduates to tame the complexities of technology and help senior executives make informed decisions on how best to apply data to improve productivity and drive innovation. This means ample and diverse career options for graduates of Lerner’s M.S. in business analytics and information management. Some top career fields for graduates include:

IT Consultant

The demand for evaluating, choosing and integrating adaptive information technologies has become vital for every business, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Systems Analyst

Use analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology. Become a change agent for organizations – identify needed organizational improvements, implement the changes and train and motivate others to use the systems.

Business Analyst

Enable change in an organization by analyzing, documenting and assessing the business, its processes and systems to then be able to recommend solutions that deliver value to the stakeholders.


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Admissions Information

Learn more about M.S. in business analytics and information management admissions requirements, deadlines, tuition and financial aid available to you.

Applying to the Program