The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) at Lerner is the preeminent driver of learning that propels transformational women leaders and advances gender equity in the workplace.

WLI engages students, faculty, staff, alumni and executives so that:

  • More women obtain leadership development and education from Lerner
  • Women engage greater leadership opportunities after their experience at Lerner
  • Female and male Lerner stakeholders work together to advance gender equity in the workplace
  • Lerner programs and curricula achieve greater gender balance
  • More female students connect with executive mentors
  • Lerner models a culture of equity and inclusion

WLI Activities

The Women’s Leadership Initiative focuses its efforts on learning opportunities for female and male students; networking opportunities for students and professionals; and advocating for women’s leadership and gender equity at the university and in society.


  • Research
  • Classroom activities
  • Executive education


  • Networking
  • Mentoring
  • Support


  • International Women’s Day
  • Speaker series
  • Mass media

News: Women’s Leadership Initiative


For more information about the initiative or any of its programs, contact:

Amanda Bullough, co-director
Wendy Smith, co-director