You know the world of business touches every place on Earth, so why confine your studies to just one? During your education at Lerner, you can take advantage of life-changing opportunities to study abroad. The benefits of studying abroad are endless, but here’s a really practical one: you earn course credits while you’re doing it!

Whether you join one of UD’s 100+ programs or choose an external provider, Lerner’s dedicated study abroad advisor will guide you to the international education that fits your goals.

Why Study Abroad at UD
In this video, Lerner international business management students describe their trip to Paris in January 2023 during UD’s winter session.
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Program Length

We offer programs of varying lengths so you can choose the experience that’s right for you:

Full semester, fall or spring
Earn 12-18 credits (4-6 classes)
5 weeks, Winter session
Earn 6 credits (2 classes)
4 weeks, Winter session
3 credits (1 class)
1 week, Spring break
3 credits (1 class)

Locations Around the World

Several of our recurring Lerner study abroad programs take place in:

Rome, Italy; Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Spain; London, England; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Athens, Greece; Limerick, Ireland
Akita, Japan
South America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courses & Internships

You can participate in an internship while abroad, either alone or paired with other courses:

  • 5-week Winter internship abroad
  • Full semester: internship + 3 or 4 courses abroad

Several programs require study abroad:

  • World Scholars, which incorporates two semester abroad programs into a 4 year global experience. World Scholars is available to all Lerner majors.
  • The International Business Studies major requires students to spend a semester abroad in a country where their target language is spoken.

Business courses that were offered abroad recently include:

  • Business Administration in Practice
  • Global Business Environment
  • International Business Management
  • International Culture and Cuisine
  • International Economics
  • International Finance
  • Intercultural Management and Business Etiquette
  • International Marketing

Learn More

Visit the University of Delaware’s study abroad web pages to see upcoming study abroad opportunities.