JPMorgan Chase Innovation Center Hero Image

Lerner puts a high priority on giving its students a balance of experience-driven learning and evidence-based analytic tools. That approach drives the work and mission of the JPMorgan Chase Innovation Center.

The Innovation Center, part of the strategic JPMorgan Chase-University of Delaware Collaboration established in December 2009, seeks to equip future technology managers with the broad knowledge and specific skills needed to better manage complex international data flows and operations.

As most multinational companies have come to understand, working across distance, cultures and time zones tests an organization to its core. By engaging with the Innovation Center, Lerner students gain hands-on experience with building and testing globally-scaled IT solutions.

Student learning opportunities from the Collaboration include:

  • Guest speakers
  • Research
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Live projects

The collective return is a pipeline of technology talent, cutting-edge curriculum, choice internships and joint research projects aimed at sparking innovation and transforming the way technologists are trained to lead complex, globally-distributed enterprises.