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The Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware is owned by UD and managed by Shaner Hotels. The hotel serves the needs of university guests and business travelers alike. This property is also a learning laboratory for hospitality business management students and home of the Marriott Center for Tourism & Hospitality.

In addition to its status as a fully-operational hotel, it is also home to the Hotel Management Lodging Module Practicum required for students majoring in hotel, restaurant and institutional management (HRIM) in Lerner. In this unique program, students gain first-hand experience of the hotel’s daily operations by rotating through different staff positions in the hotel.

Teamwork between the hotel staff and the hospitality students contributes to the hotel’s consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. It has also been recognized by Marriott International with the highest service awards for nine consecutive years.

Academic classes are held in the high-tech ALICE (Advanced Learning Interactive Classroom Environment) classroom, recently built and donated by the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation.

The classroom is equipped with flat screen monitors around the room, numerous glass writing surfaces and two high-definition video camera systems for teleconferencing, allowing educators to use the classroom as both a traditional lecture classroom and a collaborative student-centered workspace.

For more information or to make reservations, visit the Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware website.

Recent News

Lodging Module Stars

Every semester students are chosen to be recognized as a student of the week for their outstanding service as part of the Lodging Module Learning laboratory.

Grant Jacobson

In his first week of the hotel rotation, Grant had two shifts: manager on duty and A.M. Bistro. During both shifts, he was confident, proactive, and helpful to hotel staff.

Austin Wedo

While Austin was on duty, the fire alarm was triggered by smoke created by repair work. Austin remained calm, and after everything returned to normal, he called every guest to make sure they were comfortable.

Melissa Jones and Gwyneth Lathrop

Hotel associates described Melissa and Gwyneth as very helpful:  “On probably the busiest shift I’ve ever had with students, these two shined. I was able to rely on them, almost like they were regular employees.”

Xipeng (Jason) Chen

Jason earned praise from the hotel staff for being professional, friendly, helpful and eager to learn.