Department of Economics

Economics is the study of how businesses, people and governments allocate resources and respond to incentives — it touches all aspects of human and corporate decision-making and investing. It can involve topics like unemployment, inflation and income, but also includes much more. Economics is a broad discipline of historical trends, today’s headlines and predictions about tomorrow.

The Department of Economics at the University of Delaware is a vibrant community of over 30 scholars and educators. We are focused on our students’ success at the undergraduate and graduate levels and on advancing economics scholarship. Our faculty’s teaching interests and research accomplishments cover a wide range of courses and fields in economics. 

You are welcome to visit us on the 4th floor of Purnell Hall or call us at 302-831-2565 for more information about our programs, faculty and current scholarships.

Academic Programs



Department of Economics Seminars

The Department of Economics Seminar Series covers a wide range of topics in microeconomics, macroeconomics and economic policy. Speakers include department faculty and invited scholars from other universities. Seminars are open to the public.

See the seminar schedule page for more information or contact Prof. Francisco Costa at


  • Teaching Economics Through Taylor Swift - Economics professor Kathryn Bender noticed her students’ interest piqued when a class discussion turned to Swift. So she created a data visualization workshop series based on the pop star.
  • Cleaner Milk, Better Profits - In global agriculture, cooperatives are key for many small farmers. UD researcher Manaswini Rao looked into ways to promote positive change in this key area.
  • What is an Accelerated 4+1 Program? - 4+1 programs jumpstart the careers of undergraduates considering a graduate degree. Find out if a 4+1 is right for you.
  • Student Team Repeats as Winners of CEEE’s Stock Market Game - More than 1,300 Delaware students tapped into the spirit of competition and learned lessons about the stock market along the way in CEEE’s fall 2023 Stock Market Game competition.
  • What is econometrics? - What is econometrics? How is it different from economics? What jobs exist for people who study econometrics? How much does someone in econometrics make?

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