Hospitality Business Analytics (Ph.D.)

Take your career to the next level and become an expert in hospitality business analytics.

Today’s technology improves services, creates efficiencies and generates vast amounts of data. It’s no surprise data science has become a key domain of inquiry and activity in the hospitality and travel sectors.

The Ph.D. in hospitality business analytics program provides advanced training in data science as it relates to the hospitality industry. Students are prepared for highly demanding careers in academics and research or industry.

Program Highlights

Our program draws on the resources and faculty expertise available in the University of Delaware’s Lerner College and its Department of Hospitality and Sport Business Management and Institute for Financial Services Analytics, as well as UD’s Data Science Institute.

Our faculty conduct in-depth research in various areas of study that apply to hospitality business analytics, such as revenue management, digital marketing, finance, customer experience management and human resources management. The program emphasizes analytics, which is possible because our faculty has access to the large amounts of data being generated by information and communication technologies in the industry.

As a student in this program, you will experience high-quality instruction through a curriculum that includes courses in hospitality business, analytics and methodology, research and seminars. You also have the option of enrolling in the master’s in hospitality business management (thesis track) to solidify your foundations before progressing to the Ph.D. (progression to the Ph.D. from the master’s is contingent upon submitting a separate application and meeting the requirements of the doctoral program).

Hospitality Facilities

The Department of Hospitality and Sport Business Management has two living research labs on campus: the Courtyard Newark at the University of Delaware and Vita Nova, a gourmet student-operated/managed restaurant.

Program Requirements

Applicants admitted to the hospitality business analytics Ph.D. will have completed the requirements for a master’s degree with at least three years of managerial experience in the hospitality, tourism or related industries. Applicants with bachelor’s degrees will also be considered under exceptional circumstances with demonstrated excellent academic credentials and rich industry experience at the managerial/executive level.

The Program consists of a minimum of 54 credits, split into a hospitality business core, an analytics and methodology core, independent research and the doctoral dissertation.

Hospitality Business Core (15 Credits)
15 credits from the following:
HOSP 601 – Hospitality Industry Foundations
HOSP 602 – Customer Experience Management
HOSP 603 – Strategic Hospitality Management
HOSP 604 – Hospitality Financial Management
HOSP 645 – Advanced Restaurant Management
HOSP 687 – Revenue Management in Hospitality
HOSP 848 – Research Methods in Hospitality (mandatory)
Analytics and Methodology Core (24 Credits)
HOSP 890 – Hospitality Business Analytics
21 credits, chosen in consultation with graduate director or advisor. Suggested courses:
ECON 622 – Applied Econometrics I
EDUC 812 – Regression and Structural Equation Modeling
EDUC 856 – Introduction to Statistical Inference
FSAN 815 – Analytics I: Statistical Learning
FSAN 830 – Business Process Management Innov
MISY 675 – Dashboard Design and Storytelling
SOCI 605 – Data Collection and Analysis
STAT 601 – Probability Theory for Operations Research and Statistics
STAT 602 – Mathematical Statistics
STAT 611 – Regression Analysis
STAT 613 – Applied Multivariate Statistics
STAT 615 – Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT 675 – Logistic Regression
Independent Research (6 Credits)
6 credits of:
HOSP 880 – Independent Research
Doctoral Dissertation (9 Credits)
HOSP 969 – Doctoral Dissertation
Students in residence must take at least 6 research seminars:
HOSP 892 – Hospitality Research Seminar (0 credits)

Qualifying Examination

Students are required to complete the qualifying examination before the end of the summer of their third year.

Dissertation and Advisement

Each student entering the program will first work with the graduate director. Before the end of the fall in their second year, each student will identify a faculty member to serve as major advisor, and will submit this to the graduate director for approval.

The Dissertation Advisor

The advisor guides the student through the completion of the course requirements, the preparation for the candidacy examinations, the dissertation proposal and the dissertation.

Career Opportunities

In today’s information economy, a clear need has arisen for individuals who are skilled in managing and analyzing information in the hospitality industry. From forecasting and probability assessments to harnessing information for strategic financial decisions and everything in between, hospitality business analytics professionals are in demand. Popular fields include:

  • Revenue management
  • Digital media & marketing analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Customer experience management & analytics
  • Human capital analytics

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Timothy Webb
Assistant professor and graduate director

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