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University of Delaware - Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics

By Lerner College March 11, 2016

Vita Nova, the University of Delaware’s student-operated fine dining restaurant, was featured on CBS3 Philadelphia’s popular Taste with Tori segment featuring Eyewitness News team feature reporter Vittoria Woodill. The CBS3 website describes this segment as “a tour of the region’s great eats and the people behind them.”

During her visit to Vita Nova, Woodill praised the restaurant’s effectiveness as a learning laboratory for students enrolled in the Hospitality Business Management (HBM) program in the Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics.

These students are “learning the recipe for a successful career in the hospitality industry,” she said, as the experience “allows each student a taste of the front of the house, from server to sommelier, to back of the house as a chef assembling an A+ menu.”

For dinner, Woodill had “perfectly seared buttery duck breast” and “luscious sesame seed encrusted ahi tuna,” with liquid nitrogen homemade ice cream and a chocolate ball filled with raspberry mousse for dessert.

“The food? Dynamite,” Woodill said.

At Vita Nova, HRIM majors take three courses in an experience-driven learning environment. The award-winning gourmet restaurant, which is open for lunch and dinner during the school year, is operated and managed by students under the direction of an experienced group of industry professionals and hospitality industry faculty.

Vita Nova also serves as a research laboratory for graduate students in the Hospitality Business Management master’s program (MS-HBM), with a number of exceptionally relevant research projects aided or lead by MS-HBM students conducted here.