Professional education in business administration develops the capabilities to prepare you for positions of leadership and responsibility at all levels of management. Our academic programs range from certificates to graduate degrees to give you what you need to take the next best step – wherever you are in your education or career.


The degrees offered through the Department of Business Administration fall into four distinct disciplines. A cross-disciplinary minor in business administration is also offered.


  • My Summer Internship: Danielle DiFabrizio - Danielle DiFabrizio, Class of 2020, majoring in marketing with a minor in advertising, has spent her summer in Hanover, New Jersey as a sales management intern at PepsiCo.
  • A Way With Words - According to research from the University of Delaware’s Michal Herzenstein, the words you use can help predict whether or not you’ll default on a loan.
  • Fast-Forwarding Through Ads? - Research from UD’s Robert Kent suggests that DVR is changing the landscape of television advertising. Delayed viewing means that advertisers need to consider what types of ads to use based on a TV program’s genre.
  • The power of counter-offers - Research co-authored by UD management Professors John Sawyer and Dustin Sleesman considers how counter-offers, and even the potential for a counter-offer, can impact power in negotiations.
  • First Graduating Class of New Sales Minor - Lerner College celebrates first 14 graduates with minor in professional selling and sales management.