Minor in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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Make our world a better place.

The minor in social entrepreneurship focuses on developing creative, sustainable solutions to societal and environmental problems – issues that are relevant to your major field of study. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, connections and resources needed to identify and understand problems, generate and validate sustainable solutions and launch social ventures, including community service projects, nonprofit initiatives and mission-driven businesses. And, you can take advantage of the programs and networking opportunities offered by Horn Entrepreneurship.

Program Requirements

All courses 3 credits unless stated otherwise.

Required Courses
ENTR 350 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR 420 – Social Entrepreneurship
ENTR 150 – Business Basics for Entrepreneurs*
ENTR 464 – Social Entrepreneurship Practicum

*Required unless students complete a business course that includes: FINC 200 or FINC 311, BUAD 100 or BUAD 110 and ACCT 200 or ACCT 207

Community and Cultures Elective (choose one)
ANTH 101 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 222 – Technology and Culture
ANTH 255 – Public Advocacy in Anthropology
ANTH/BHAN 304 – Culture, Health and Environment
ANTH 382 – Capitalism & Culture
APEC 429 – Community Economic Development
ART 204 – Media/Design/Culture
COMM 263 – Communicative Behavior and Culture
HDFS 230 – Families and Their Communities
HDFS 333 – Development of Human Relationships
LEAD 400 – Leadership for the Common Good
SOCI 209 – Social Problems
UAPP 220 – Citizens, Civility and Change
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Skill Development Elective (choose one)
ENTR 351 – Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTR 353 – Entrepreneurial Apprentice: Leadership and Influence
ENTR 355 – User-Centered Research Methods for Entrepreneurship
ENTR 356 – Creativity and Design Thinking

Admissions Information

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