Minor in Event Management

Organize and manage momentous and successful gatherings.

Event management is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes conferences, meetings, weddings, trade shows and sport tournaments hosted all over the world. The event management minor places emphasis on this fast-growing field, providing the knowledge and skills students need to succeed.

The minor is open to all majors.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the hospitality industry management, hospitality business management and sport management majors may count up to 6 credits of required courses that overlap with their program. Students enrolled in the hospitality and event experience management degree program should pursue the event management concentration in lieu of the minor.

Courses (9 credits)
HOSP 180 – Introduction to Hospitality Business Management
HOSP 215 – Event, Meeting and Convention Management
SPTM 418 – Sport Event and Facility Management
Electives (9 credits)
Choose 3 courses from:

HOSP 214 – Foundations in Tourism Management
HOSP 217 – Catering Management
HOSP 315 – Special Event and Wedding Planning
HOSP 316 – Intercultural Management and Business Etiquette
HOSP 346 – Digital Marketing in Hospitality and Travel
HOSP 355 – Ecotourism Entrepreneurship
HOSP 364 – Event and Meeting Management Practicum
SPTM 313 – Sport and Media
SPTM 315 – Legal Aspects of Sport Management, ACCT 352 – Law and Social Issues in Business or HOSP 482 – Law of Innkeeping
SPTM 318/HOSP 318 – International Sport & Tourism
SPTM 420/HOSP 420 – Applied Sport Event Management

Admissions Information

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