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Minor in Advertising


The minor in advertising is designed to give you an increased understanding of marketing, economics, mass communication and public relations, as well as the strategies and tactics of advertising management.

Minor in Beverage Management

Beverage Management

The minor in beverage management, a collaborative effort of the Department of Hospitality Business Management and UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, prepares you for a leadership role in the growing beverage industry.

Minor in Business Administration

Business Administration

The minor in business administration teaches you the basic concepts of business administration, including the language and functions of areas of business.

Minor in Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The business analytics minor will develop and grow your analytical thinking skills. The program emphasizes statistics, oral and written communication, structured decision-making, data visualization and relational databases.

Minor in Economics


The economics minor is designed to teach you how to understand how markets work to determine what is produced, how it is produced and how income is distributed.

Minor in Entrepreneurial Studies

Entrepreneurial Studies

The minor in entrepreneurial studies helps you acquire knowledge and skills that are useful across nearly all possible career paths. The program emphasizes first-hand experience in developing innovative ideas and putting them into action.

Minor in Event Management

Event Management

The event management minor teaches you to apply principles of project management to the development of successful and memorable events.

Minor in International Business Studies

International Business Studies

The minor in international business studies is designed for students who are interested in language and business, but are not majoring in a business area.

Minor in International Business and IB with Language

International Business and IB with Language

The minor in international business/international business with language is open to students with a major in Lerner College, excluding economics.

Minor in Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

The minor in information systems teaches you to solve business problems by applying your knowledge of technology in the workplace.

Minor in Professional Selling and Sales Management

Professional Selling and Sales Management

The minor in professional selling and sales management provides you with sales knowledge and techniques applicable to any industry.

Minor in Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management

The restaurant management minor will give you a foundational understanding of the global food and beverage industry.

Minor in Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

The minor in social entrepreneurship will teach you the knowledge, skills, connections and resources needed to launch social ventures that make a positive impact.

Spa and Wellness Management

The minor in spa and wellness management prepares you for a career in the growing global health and wellness industry.

Minor in Sport Management

Sport Management

The minor in sport management, open to all non-Lerner majors, will expose you to career opportunities in the sport industry as well as the concepts and theories of sport management.

Minor in Trust Management

Trust Management

The minor in trust management examines the legal, tax, accounting and financial issues pertaining to managing trusts.