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Marketing involves careful analysis, creativity, and action to tailor products and services to meet the consumer's needs. The marketing major prepares students to serve the vital role as an enterprise’s liaison with consumers. Marketing identifies wants and needs among diverse groups of people, selects target markets, and develops strategies for new and existing products. In addition to having a deep understanding of consumers, marketers learn about the environment, competitors, suppliers, and society at large. They then design products and formulate plans for pricing, distributing, and promoting these products. Utilizing knowledge of branding, advertising, social media, and new product development are all a part of marketing.

The marketing faculty members are award-winning researchers and teachers. We publish our research in top journals (check out our publications), receive grants, win awards and honors, and serve on the editorial boards of top journals. Our research endeavors enable us to teach cutting-edge material in our marketing classes and as a result our current students and alumni benefit (check out some testimonials under curriculum).

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John H. Antil
Associate Professor of Marketing, Area Head of Marketing


Mark Bambach
Instructor of Marketing

Julia Bayuk
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Sandra M. Fields
Instructor of Marketing, Undergraduate Program Advisor

Dan Freeman
Associate Professor of Marketing, Director, Horn Program in Entrepreneurship


Meryl P. Gardner
Associate Professor of Marketing


Michal Herzenstein
Associate Professor of Marketing


Robert Kent
Associate Professor of Marketing


Ajay K. Manrai
Professor of Marketing

Lalita Manrai
Professor of Marketing

David M. Muir
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Ji Kyung Park
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Stewart Shapiro
Professor of Marketing

Anu Sivaraman
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Suresh Sundaram
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Yi-Lin Tsai
Assistant Professor of Marketing


Recent publications by our faculty:

Shapiro, Stewart and Jesper Nielsen (2013), “What the Blind Eye Sees: Incidental Change Detection as a Source of Perceptual Fluency,” Journal of Consumer Research, 39 (April), 1202-1218.

Vohs, Kathleen D., Park, Ji Kyung, Schmeichel, Brandon J. (2013), “Self-affirmation can enable goal disengagement”, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104 (1), 14-27.

Park, Ji Kyung and Deborah Roedder John (2012), “Capitalizing on Brand Personalities in Advertising: Are Signaling or Self-Improvement Ad Appeals More Effective?” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 (3), 424-432.

Herzenstein, Michal, Scott Sonenshein, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2011), “Tell Me a Good Story and I May Lend You Money: The Role of Narratives in Peer-to-Peer Lending Decisions,” Journal of Marketing Research special issue on consumer financial decision making, 48, S138-S149.

Sonenshein Scott, Michal Herzenstein, and Utpal M. Dholakia (2011), “How Accounts Shape Lending Decisions Through Fostering Trustworthiness,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 115 (May), 69-84.

Herzenstein, Michal, Utpal M. Dholakia, and Rick L. Andrews (2011), “Strategic Bidding Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Loan Auctions,” Journal of Interactive Marketing, 25, 27-36.

Pechmann, C., E. Moore, A. Andreasen, P.M. Connell, D. Freeman, M.P. Gardner, D. Heisley, C. Lefebvre, D. Pirouz, R.L. Soster (2011), “Navigating the Central Tensions in Research on Consumers who are at Risk: Challenges and Opportunities” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Spring 2011

Park, Ji Kyung and Deborah Roedder John (2011), “More than Meets the Eye: The Influence of Implicit versus Explicit Self-Esteem on Materialism,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 21 (1), 73-87.

Schweidel, David A. and Robert J. Kent, (2010), "Predictors of the Gap Between Program and Commercial Audiences: An Investigation using Live Tuning Data." Journal of Marketing, 74 (3), 18-33.

Nielsen, Jesper, Stewart Shapiro, and Charlotte H. Mason (2010), “Emotionality and Semantic Onsets: Exploring Orienting Attention Responses in Advertising,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (December), 1138-1150.

LeBoeuf, Robyn, Eldar Shafir, and Julia Belyavsky Bayuk (2010), “The Conflicting Choices of Alternating Selves,” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 111 (January), 48 – 61.

Bayuk, Julia Belyavsky, Chris Janiszewski, and Robyn LeBoeuf (2010), “Letting Good Opportunities Pass Us By: Examining the Role of Mindset during Goal Pursuit,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (December), 570 – 583.

Posavac, Steven S., Michal Herzenstein, Frank R. Kardes, and Suresh Sundaram (2010), “Profits and Halos: The Role of Firm Profitability Information in Consumer Inference,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 20 (July), 327-337.

Park, Ji Kyung and Deborah Roedder John (2010), “Got to Get You into My Life: Do Brand Personalities Rub Off on Consumers?” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (4), 655-669.

Research awards:

  • Ji Kyung Park: C.W. Park Young Contributor Award, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2012
  • Michal Herzenstein: Department of Business Administration Outstanding Research Award 2012
  • Stewart Shapiro: Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Outstanding Scholar Award, 2011
  • Dan Freeman: Best Article Published in 2008, Business Ethics Quarterly

Teaching awards:

  • Michal Herzenstein: University of Delaware Excellence in Teaching Award, 2013
  • Mark Bambach: Department of Business Administration Outstanding teaching award, 2012, University of Delaware Excellence in Teaching Award, 2009
  • Anu Sivaraman: Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics Outstanding Teacher Award, 2012

Service awards:

  • Stewart Shapiro: Department of Business Administration Outstanding service award, 2012
  • Dan Freeman: Leon & Margaret Slocomb Professional Excellence Award, 2012, Outstanding Outreach/Service Award, Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, 2011
  • Anu Sivaraman: University of Delaware, Faculty Senate Commendation for Service, 2011

Recent grants our faculty received:

Courses we offer:


  • BUAD301: Introduction to Marketing
  • BUAD302: Marketing Research
  • BUAD470: Sales Management & Selling
  • BUAD471: Advertising Management
  • BUAD472: Marketing, Society & Environment
  • BUAD473: Buyer Behavior
  • BUAD474: Marketing Channels & Retailing
  • BUAD475: International Marketing
  • BUAD477: Information Technology Applications in Marketing
  • BUAD478: Field Project in Marketing
  • BUAD479: Marketing Strategy for the Firm


  • BUAD880: Marketing Management
  • BUAD881: Research Methods for Marketing Decisions
  • BUAD882: International Marketing Management
  • BUAD886: Advertising Strategies
  • BUAD887: Buyer Behavior

Blue Hen Marketing Club

The Blue Hen Marketing Club is a registered student organization at the University of Delaware aimed at providing resources and opportunities for real-world experience to students interested in Marketing. We aim to create a community within the business school by hosting various events throughout the year. We have our own marketing specific career fair, speakers, panels, field trips and social events to get students more active in the marketing community.

Blue Hen Marketing ClubFor more information please visit our website: and Facebook page:


Alumni Testimonials:

Alison Steele, Class of 2012, JP Morgan Chase
Alison Steele“As a marketing major at the University of Delaware I enjoyed learning in small classes and appreciated the personal relationships I was able to have with my professors. The emphasis on hands-on learning through classroom activities and internship opportunities provided me with the skills and experience employers and graduate schools are looking for.”

Alanna Peet, Class of 2009, Accenture
Alana Peet“For me, the Blue Hen experience has continued past my four years as a student.  From returning to campus to recruit current students, staying in touch with professors, and applying the key marketing and business skills learned in class to real-life problem solving with current clients, I am continually appreciative of the education I received.”

Stephen Murphy, Class of 2009, LocalVox
Steve Murphy"What made my UD experience special was the freedom given to me by the faculty. They understand how quickly marketing changes in the real world, and were always open to letting me explore new points of view that challenged traditional "book" knowledge. Practicing this kind of innovative thinking helped me hone my problem solving skills and prepared me immensely for a career path in start ups and digital marketing. I still keep in touch with several faculty members today to share ideas and continue to fine tune my skills."

Eric Collins, Class of 2011, Time Inc.
Eric Collins"My experience as a University of Delaware marketing major was the perfect blend of engaging classroom discussion, caring professors who were always there to lend insight, and exposure to emerging business trends and technologies.  The case studies that I worked on provided excellent topics for interview discussion, and allowed me to show potential employers that I was able to apply the concepts I had learned."


The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.5 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Club, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Undergraduate scholarships, made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends, enable us to support promising scholars. Here, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his mother, Leni Markell, join recipients of the William Markell Scholarship (center), which benefits students in Accounting and MIS.

The Institute for Financial Services Analytics is a collaboration between the Lerner College, UD's College of Engineering and JPMorgan Chase, and hosts events for academics and the business community designed to address consumer analytics and industry applications.

All Lerner College departments offer discovery learning experiences and emphasize data-based analytics to enrich the student experience. Here, students at Vita Nova, our award-winning restaurant run through HRIM, joined professional chefs and winemakers in hosting a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival event.

Lerner College faculty - like Meryl Gardner, whose research on foods and moods was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

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