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Operations Management


Operations Management is the execution of strategy. It involves the transformation of raw materials, labor, and capital into final productions and services. The balance between supply and demand, the gap between potential and existing efficiency and capability, quality improvement are all weighed on the Operations Management road.

Operations faculty members are successful in achieving top-tier journal publications and are recognized for both outstanding teaching and successful collaborative work with regional employers.

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Darwin J. Davis
Associate Professor of Operations Management


Adam Fleischhacker
Associate Professor of Operations Management, JPMorgan Chase Scholar


Hemant Kher
Associate Professor of Operations Management

Christine T. Kydd
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, Professor and Area Head of Operations Management


Liying Mu
Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Susan Murphy


Erwin M. Saniga
Dana J. Johnson Professor of Information Technology


Recent Publications by Our Faculty:

  • “The Impact of Voters' Preference Diversity on the Probability of Some Electoral Outcomes,” (William V. Gehrlein, Issofa Moyouwou and Dominique Lepelley).  Mathematical Social Sciences, (forthcoming).
  • Asghar Seif, Alireza Faraz , Cedriec Heuchenne,  Erwin Saniga.  The Hotelling’'s T2 Control Chart with Variable Parameters: Markov Chain Approach, forthcoming, Archives Des Sciences    
  • Alireza Faraz and Erwin Saniga, Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm Approach to the Economic Statistical Design of Control Charts with an Application to X¯bar and S2 Charts, forthcoming, Quality and Reliability Engineering International.,  DOI : 10.1002/qre.1390
  • Alireza Faraz, Cedric Heuchenne, Erwin Saniga Earnest Foster, Monitoring Delivery Chains using Multivariate Control Charts, European Journal of Operations Research, forthcoming 
  • Double Objective Economic Statistical Design of the VP T2 Control Chart: Wald’s identity approach, Alireza Faraz, Cedric Heuchenne, Erwin Saniga and Antonio F.B. Costa, Journal of Statistical  Computation and Simulation, forthcoming.
  • Kher, H. V., and Serva, M. A. (forthcoming).  Changing the Way we Study Change: Advocating Longitudinal Research in MIS.  The DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems.
  • Hancock, G. R., Mao, X, and Kher, H. V. (forthcoming).  On Latent Growth Models for Composites and their Constituents.  Multivariate Behavioral Research.
  • J. Yue, J. Austin, Z. Huang, and B. Chen, "Advertising, pricing, and profit sharing in a manufacture-retailer supply chain", forthcoming European Journal of Operational Research, (2013).
  • J. Zhang, J. Xie, and B. Chen, "Technical Note: Cooperative advertising with bilateral participation", Decision Sciences 44, (2013), 193-203.
  • Fleischhacker, Adam J., and Yao Zhao. "Balancing learning and economies of scale for adaptive clinical trials." Operations Research for Health Care (forthcoming 2013).
  • Fleischhacker, Adam J., and Yao Zhao. " Contract Development and Manufacturing Costs During Clinical Development of a New Drug." Applied Clinical Trials (August 5, 2013).
  • Kher, H. V., Downey, J. P., and Monk, E. (2013).  A Longitudinal Examination of Computer Self-Efficacy Changes during Training.  Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 29, pp. 1816-1824.
  • "Borda's Paradox with Weighted Scoring Rules," (Mostapha Diss and William V. Gehrlein). Social Choice and Welfare, Volume 38, 2012, 121-136.
  • Alireza Faraz,  C. Heuchenne, and Erwin Saniga,  “Optimal T2 control chart with a double sampling scheme - an alternative to the MEWMA chart”, DOI: 10.1002/qre.1268.Quality and Reliability Engineering International,  Volume 28, Issue 7, pp. 751–760, November 2012.
  • Erwin Saniga, James Lucas , Darwin Davis, Thomas McWilliams,”Economic Control Chart Policies for  Monitoring Variables when there are Two Components of Variance”,  Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control., eds. Lenz, Wilrich and Schmid,  Volume 10, pp. 85-95, 2012.
  • Ferry, Diane, Kydd, Christine and Boyles, Corinne (2012), “Creating the Global Graduate: A Cross-Cultural Videoconferencing Case Study”,  Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 139-164.
  • Kydd, C. (2012) “The Effectiveness of Using a Web-Based Applet to Teach Concepts of Linear Programming: An Experiment in Active Learning”, INFORMS Transactions on Education, Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 78–88.
  • Serva, M. A., Kher, H. V., and Jean-Philippe Laurenceau (2011).  Using Latent Growth Modeling to Understand Longitudinal Effects in MIS Theory: A Primer, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 28, No. 1, 213-232.
  • Fleischhacker, Adam J., and Yao Zhao. "Planning for demand failure: A dynamic lot size model for clinical trial supply chains." European Journal of Operational Research 211.3 (2011): 496-506.
  • H. Xiong, B. Chen, and J. Xie, "On a composite contract based on buy-back and quantity flexibility contracts", European Journal of Operational Research 210, (2011), 559-267.
  • "Strong Measures of Group Coherence and the Probability that a Pairwise Majority Winner Exists," (William V. Gehrlein), Quality and Quantity, Volume 45, 2011, 365-374.
  • "The Condorcet Efficiency of Voting Rules with Mutually Coherent Voter Preferences: A Borda Compromise," (William V Gehrlein, Dominique Lepelley and Hatem Smaoui). Annales d’Economie et de Statistiques, Volume 101/102, 2011, 107-125.
  • “A Unification and Some Corrections to Markov Chain Approaches to Develop Variable Ratio Sampling Scheme Control Charts”,Alireza Faraz and Erwin Saniga,  Statistical Papers.  Volume 52, Number 4, pp. 799-811,2011.
  •  “ Economic Statistical Design of a T2 Control Chart with Double Warning Lines,  Alireza Faraz and Erwin Saniga,, Quality and Reliability Engineering International. 27(2)(2011) 125-139. 
  • “A modified economic-statistical design of the T2 control chart with     variable     sample sizes and control limits,” Asghar Seif, Alireza Faraz, Cedric Heuchenne, Erwin Saniga, and M.B. Moghadam, 38(2011) pp. 2459-2469, Journal of Applied Statistics.
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  •  “The Optimal Design of the VSI T2 Control Chart” Faraz, A. R. ,Kazemzadeh, R. B. Heuchenne, C. , and E. Saniga, Journal of the Iranian Statistical Society, Vol. 9,  No.1, pp 1-19, 2010.

Teaching Awards

  • Bintong Chen: MBA Teaching Award, Lerner College of Business and Economics, University of Delaware, 2012-2013.
  • Christine Kydd: Student Choice Award Excellence in Teaching Award, Alfred Lerner College of Business Administration, University of Delaware,  2012

Service Awards

  • Bintong Chen: Board of Director, APICS, the Association for Operations Management, 2012, 2013.
  • Christine Kydd: Outstanding Associate Editor award for the Decision Sciences Institute Journal of Innovative Education, November, 2012.

Faculty Grants



Undergraduate courses:

  • BUAD306: Introduction to service and operations management
  • BUAD346: Analytical decision making
  • BUAD446: Planning operations and supply chains
  • BUAD447: Data analysis and quality control
  • BUAD448: Project management
  • BUAD449: Business process analysis

Graduate courses:

  • BUAD820: Statistical data analysis for business
  • BUAD831: Operations management and management science

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