Department of Economics

Course Listing

Course Number Course Title Credits
ECON100 Economic Issues and Policies 3 Hrs
ECON101 Introduction to Microeconomics: Prices and Markets (formerly Econ 151) 3 Hrs
ECON102 Civics and Economics for Teachers 3 Hrs
ECON103 Introduction to Macroeconomics: The National Economy (formerly Econ 152) 3 Hrs
ECON251 Managerial Economics 3 Hrs
ECON255 Intermediate Microeconomics and Public Policy 3 Hrs
ECON300 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON301 Quantitative Microeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON303 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON308 Banking and Monetary Policy (formerly Econ 302) 3 Hrs
ECON311 Economics of Developing Countries 3 Hrs
ECON315 Economic History of Colonial America 3 Hrs
ECON316 Economic History of the United States 3 Hrs
ECON317 Latin American Economics 3 Hrs
ECON320 Energy Economics 3 Hrs
ECON332 Economics of Government Spending and Taxation 3 Hrs
ECON333 Current Readings in Economics 3 Hrs
ECON340 International Economics 3 Hrs
ECON341 Environment of Multinational Corporations 3 Hrs
ECON343 Environmental Economics 3 Hrs
ECON350 Economics of Entrepreneurship 3 Hrs
ECON360 Government Regulation of Business 3 Hrs
ECON364 Economics in Practice 3 Hrs
ECON366 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
ECON381 Economics of Human Resources 3 Hrs
ECON385 Women and the Economy 3 Hrs
ECON390 Economics of Healthcare 3 Hrs
ECON393 Urban Economics 3 Hrs
ECON406 Economics of Information and Uncertainty 3 Hrs
ECON408 Economics of Law 3 Hrs
ECON410 Economics of Financial Markets 3 Hrs
ECON415 Economic Forecasting 3 Hrs
ECON418 Economic History of American Labor Markets 3 Hrs
ECON419 Economics of the Great Depression 3 Hrs
ECON422 Econometric Methods and Models I 3 Hrs
ECON423 Econometric Methods and Models II 3 Hrs
ECON426 Mathematical Economic Analysis 3 Hrs
ECON430 Topics in Macroeconomic Theory 3 Hrs
ECON433 Economics of the Public Sector 3 Hrs
ECON435 Contemporary Macroeconomic Policy 3 Hrs
ECON436 Seminar in Public Policy Economics 3 Hrs
ECON441 International Trade 3 Hrs
ECON443 International Monetary Economics 3 Hrs
ECON444 Economics of Environmental Management 3 Hrs
ECON460 Strategic Behavior of Firms 3 Hrs
ECON463 The Economics of Regulation 3 Hrs
ECON465 Transportation Economics 3 Hrs
ECON466 Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
ECON468 Internet Economics 3 Hrs
ECON471 Futures and Options Markets 3 Hrs
ECON483 Economics of Labor Markets 3 Hrs
ECON490 Economics of Health Policy 3 Hrs

The Lerner College is home to a state-of-the-art financial trading facility, the $1.5 million student-led Blue Hen Investment Club, a student-managed restaurant and hotel, a high-technology development center of a global bank and a start-up experience for students with new business ideas.

Undergraduate scholarships, made possible through the generosity of alumni and friends, enable us to support promising scholars. Here, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and his mother, Leni Markell, join recipients of the William Markell Scholarship (center), which benefits students in Accounting and MIS.

The Institute for Financial Services Analytics is a collaboration between the Lerner College, UD's College of Engineering and JPMorgan Chase, and hosts events for academics and the business community designed to address consumer analytics and industry applications.

All Lerner College departments offer discovery learning experiences and emphasize data-based analytics to enrich the student experience. Here, students at Vita Nova, our award-winning restaurant run through HRIM, joined professional chefs and winemakers in hosting a 2014 Mid-Atlantic Wine and Food Festival event.

Lerner College faculty - like Meryl Gardner, whose research on foods and moods was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology - are thought leaders who command attention from influential business audiences, economists and policy makers.

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