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Create better business practices for the companies of the future.

As an operations management (OM) major, you’ll learn about the processes that companies use to transform resources into goods and services.

As an OM professional, you’ll help companies make important decisions about product creation, development, production and distribution while focusing on efficiency and balancing supply and demand. This requires a mastery of technology, data analysis and critical decision-making.

If you enjoy solving problems using the latest technology, utilizing math to improve real-world situations, analyzing data and explaining it to others or learning valuable new decision-making skills, then the OM major is for you.


Practical Experience

You’ll experience in-the-field, hands-on training, applying classroom concepts to solve real problems both during the capstone course and over the course of multiple plant site trips.

Outstanding Faculty

Lerner faculty members are successful in achieving top-tier journal publications and are recognized for both outstanding teaching and successful collaborative work with regional employers.

Honors in Operations Management

The honors program at UD offers a scholarly and enriching community that extends well beyond graduation. You’ll enjoy smaller, more challenging classes and the opportunity to engage in research and assume leadership roles.

The honors degree requires:

  1. All requirements for the B.S. in operations management
  2. All of the UD requirements for the honors baccalaureate degree

The Honors credits in the major must include at least six credits of BUAD and/or FINC courses. They may include required courses from other Lerner departments.


Suggested course sequence.

Freshman Year

First Semester
ECON101 Microeconomics
MATH221 Calculus I
Historical & cultural change breadth course
BUAD110 Basics of Business
Natural science technical breadth course

Second Semester
ENGL110 Seminar in Composition
ECON103 Macroeconomics
Creative arts & humanities breadth course
PSYC100 General Psychology
Natural science/technical breadth course with lab (4 credits)

Sophomore Year

First Semester
ACCT207 Accounting I (Financial)
MATH201 Statistics I
MISY160 Business Computing
Creative arts & humanities breadth course, Historical & cultural change breadth course or foreign language
Sociology course

Second Semester
ACCT208 Accounting II (Managerial)
MATH202 Statistics II
MISY261 Business Info Systems
Creative arts & humanities breadth course, Historical & cultural change breadth course or foreign language
COMM212 Oral Communications In Business or
HOSP230 Executive Presentations and Problem Solving

Junior Year

First Semester
BUAD301 Intro to Marketing
BUAD306 Service & Operations Management
BUAD309 Organizational Behavior
FINC311 Principles of Finance
Free elective

Second Semester
ACCT352 Business Law & Social Issues
BUAD346 Analytical Decision Making
International course requirement
Social and behavioral science breadth Course
Free elective

Senior Year

First Semester
BUAD446 Operations and Supply Chains
BUAD447 Data Analysis Quality Control
ACCT, BUAD, FINC, or MISY Elective
Social and Behavioral Science Breadth Course
Free Elective

Second Semester
BUAD448 Consulting Practicum
BUAD449 Business Process Analysis
BUAD441 Strategic Management
ACCT, BUAD, ENTR, FINC, or MISY elective
Free elective


The operation management major is a springboard to many exciting positions in the business world, including:

  • Operations analyst
  • Logistics manager
  • Operations resource assistant
  • Business technology analyst
  • Supply chain manager
  • Transportation planning assistant
  • Sourcing and logistics specialist

Where Our Graduates Work

  • W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Nike
  • DuPont
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Boeing
  • AT&T Solutions
  • AstraZeneca

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