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Connect companies and consumers with your marketing skills.

The marketing major prepares you to serve a vital role as the liaison between businesses and consumers.

As a marketer, you will identify wants and needs among diverse groups of people, select target markets and develop strategies for new and existing products. You will formulate plans for pricing, distributing and promoting these products and services while utilizing knowledge of branding, advertising, social media and new product development. This work requires careful analysis, creativity and action to tailor products and services to meet consumers’ needs.

If you like coming up with new ideas for products, advertisements and beating the competition, and if you want a career that involves solving challenging problems with analytical thinking and creativity, then marketing is the major for you.


Blue Hen Marketing Club

The Blue Hen Marketing Club provides resources and opportunities for real-world experience to students interested in marketing. This active community hosts various events throughout the year, including a marketing-specific career fair, speakers, panels, field trips and social events to get students more involved in the marketing community.
Other organizations of interest to marketing majors include:

  • Alpha Mu Alpha National Honor Society in Marketing
  • Blue Hen Investment Club
  • Lerner College Trading Center
  • Women in Business
  • Minority Business Student Association
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity
  • Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

Honors in Marketing

The honors program at UD offers a scholarly and enriching community that extends well beyond graduation. You’ll enjoy smaller, more challenging classes and the opportunity to engage in research and assume leadership roles.

The honors degree requires:

  1. All requirements for the B.S. in marketing
  2. All of the UD requirements for the honors baccalaureate degree

The Honors credits in the major must include at least six credits of BUAD and/or FINC courses. They may include required courses from other Lerner departments.


Suggested course sequence.

Freshman Year

First semester
ECON101 Microeconomics
MATH221 Calculus I
History & cultural change breadth course
BUAD110 Basics of Business, (counts as freshman experience)
Natural science/technology breadth course

Second semester
ENGL110 Seminar in Composition
ECON103 Macroeconomics
Creative arts & humanities breadth course
PSYC100 General Psychology
Natural science/technology breadth course with lab (4 credits)

Sophomore Year

First semester
ACCT207 Accounting I (Financial)
MATH201 Statistics I
MISY160 Business Computing
Creative arts & humanities breadth course, history & cultural change breadth course or foreign language
Sociology course

Second semester
ACCT208 Accounting II (Managerial)
MATH202 Statistics II
MISY261 Business Information Systems
CAH, HCC or Foreign Language
COMM212 Oral Communications In Business OR
HOSP230 Executive Presentations and Problem Solving

Junior Year

First semester
BUAD301 Introduction to Marketing
BUAD306 Service & Operations Management
BUAD309 Organizational Behavior
FINC311 Principles of Finance
Free elective

Second semester
ACCT 352 Business Law & Social Issues
BUAD 302 Marketing Research,
International course requirement
Social and behavioral science breadth course
Free elective

Senior Year

First semester
BUAD471 Advertising and Media Management OR
BUAD473 Consumer Behavior
Marketing major course
Marketing major course
BUAD476 Marketing Analytics
Free elective

Second semester
BUAD479 Marketing Strategy for the Firm
BUAD441 Strategic Management
Social and behavioral science breadth course
Free elective


  • Public relations professional
  • Market research analyst
  • Media planner
  • Advertising sales agent
  • Social media coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • Brand manager

Where Our Graduates Work

  • J. Walter Thompson (advertising agency)
  • Grey Global Group (advertising agency)
  • Coca Cola
  • Black & Decker
  • Bank of America
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Discovery Channel
  • Comcast
  • Target
  • Macy’s

Alumni Testimonials:

Alison Steele, Class of 2012, JP Morgan Chase
“As a marketing major at the University of Delaware I enjoyed learning in small classes and appreciated the personal relationships I was able to have with my professors. The emphasis on hands-on learning through classroom activities and internship opportunities provided me with the skills and experience employers and graduate schools are looking for.”

Eric Collins, Class of 2011, Time Inc.
“My experience as a University of Delaware marketing major was the perfect blend of engaging classroom discussion, caring professors who were always there to lend insight, and exposure to emerging business trends and technologies. The case studies that I worked on provided excellent topics for interview discussion, and allowed me to show potential employers that I was able to apply the concepts I had learned.”

Award-winning faculty

Lerner marketing faculty members are award-winning researchers and instructors. We publish our research in top journals, receive grants, win awards and honors and serve on the editorial boards of top journals. Our research endeavors enable us to teach cutting-edge material in our marketing classes, and as a result our current students and alumni benefit.

Admissions Information

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